A look back at 2020 with CEO Roberto d'Ambrosio


Here we are. Year 2020 is about to end, and it is time to reflect on what this troubled year has brought us.

It was indeed a very unique year, and first and foremost our thoughts go to all those that succumbed to COVID-19 and to their families. So many, too many victims, including those that were relentlessly taking care of the affected people, trying everything they could to alleviate their suffering. To them we send our deepest, most profound gratitude.

The crisis induced by the pandemic has hit all sectors of the economy hard, forcing firms to react quickly and rethink the way they conduct their business. All of a sudden, being focused on the real needs of all stakeholders involved became an essential value.

In such a situation Axiory’s company culture and values and the way they were implemented during the years, provided a decisive advantage, allowing an immediate and almost seamless adaptation to the challenges brought by the pandemic, performing in an exceptional way, by leveraging those values that are embedded in our DNA and that makes us unique: 

Support and care for our people, our team members, and clients alike. 

We have a truly people-centric environment and I cannot be more proud of what our company and what our people have been able to achieve. Their dedication and care has been simply outstanding, not to mention the effort the whole company has put into giving back to the communities in which it operates, creating relief projects in no time and distributing much needed support and concrete aids to those in need. Those of you that have been following our news stream may have appreciated the related reports.

A new year is now knocking on our door, and we all hope that 2021, with an effective vaccine being distributed on a large scale and consequently the economy starting to recover, will be the year that families and households who have been hit hard by the crisis, return to normal.

And what about Axiory? What will the new year bring to our vast community?

Well, 2021 will be a very special year for all of us: it marks the 10th anniversary of the Axiory brand!

It was an amazing journey to reach the level we have reached, and it took a lot of commitment, dedication, and strong belief in the founders’ vision. And, trust me on this: we are determined to celebrate this milestone in a way that suits all these efforts.


Being up to our standards and improving even more will not be an easy task, but I am quite confident you will not be disappointed. 

We are planning a storm of new initiatives, products, trading instruments, new platforms, new educational events from our professional team of traders which we hope we will be able to deliver, besides the online events, live and in person in many locations around the world.

Stay tuned, bear with us in this the new year. 

Axiory has had an amazing run so far, and the 10th anniversary will be an occasion to improve, to continue listening to our community and deliver the value that it demands.

I thank you all for the heart-warming feedback you’ve provided us with and for the trust you’ve granted us, and I hope we will be able to deserve more of them in the future.

Let me wish us and our loved ones a safe, happy, more positive new year. 

Roberto d’Ambrosio

Axiory CEO and Director

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