Axiory Global Increases Product Offering with the Introduction of CFD Stocks on its MT4 Platform


Axiory Global is happy to announce that we’re increasing our product offering with the introduction of US CFD Stocks to our MT4 platform, to help our traders diversify their portfolios and take advantage of more trading opportunities.

Stock CFDs have been part of our 2020 strategy to expand our asset offering to traders, and stocks have been dominating the markets following stimulus introductions in the US which have helped many US stocks sky-rocket, despite global lockdowns. 


“By providing our traders with access to US shares, Axiory takes another step towards increasing our trading product offering, in response to our clients’ needs and requests,” said CEO and Director Roberto d’Ambrosio. “Axiory has embarked on a very ambitious project and this is just the first step towards becoming a truly global brokerage firm.”


With stock CFDs, we’d like to give traders the chance to trade on their favorite brands in all sectors, from Apple and Netflix to Nike, Tesla,  McDonald’s, Google, Pfizer, and many more. Traders can trade these popular and highly liquid stocks whether they are gaining or losing value, as prices fluctuate amid COVID-19 worries and election instabilities.


As markets reel from one of the most dramatic US elections in history, Axiory traders can expand their options with a choice between more than 70 US stocks which have been added to the MT4 platform for all three account types; Nano, Standard, and Max, to be traded as CFDs. 


The new instruments will be an addition to 60 + FX pairs, precious metals, energies, and CFD indices.