Axiory Global Launches ‘Get US-Election-Ready’ Webinar Series, As Traders Gear Up For The Biggest Economic Event of the Year


As we get closer to the US election, we’re happy to announce the launch of our ‘Get US-Election-Ready’ webinar series, which will consist of frequent webinars, updating traders on market reactions, and preparing them for the opportunities that will arise, leading up to the US Election on November 3.

Road to US Election With Axiory

Historically the US Election has been a big market mover, especially for the USD and US Stocks, which tend to create a trickle-down effect that moves markets, and increases volatility. With this once-in-4-year event ahead, we’re gearing up for a strong trading season, during which we want to ensure our traders are prepared and have their risk-management plan in place. 


The webinars will be hosted by Tomasz Wisniewski, who’s helmed Axiory’s webinars for close to two years, first as the Head of Education at Axiory and now as the CEO and Director of our independent news and market analysis portal Axiory Intelligence. 


"The US elections have a huge impact on the market, especially stocks and the USD. We clearly experienced that four years ago when Donald Trump was elected, even noticing that he had a stronger effect on stocks. Then too, I was running special US election webinars which I’m happy to bring back to life for Axiory traders, and traders in general” said Wisniewski, “I can humbly say that we predicted Trump’s win back then, just like we predicted the Brexit Referendum results. This is not to say that predictions are always accurate, but to clarify that political events and markets are closely related. I am happy to invite you to the ‘Get-US-Election-Ready’ webinar series and help you navigate the 2020 US election.”


In addition to frequent webinars, we’ll be keeping traders updated with market commentary, news articles, analysis, and videos.


Risk-Management: The Ultimate Shield 


Volatility is a great opportunity for traders, as long as a risk management plan is set in place. Our aim at Axiory is to inform and educate our traders on how to take advantage of opportunities while keeping their risk in check. 


A plethora of tools is available for Axiory traders to utilize while trading the election. Starting with the basics, traders have negative balance protection, stop loss, and take profit, to keep their trades controlled. In addition, live accounts offer free access to two major trading tools; Autochartist and Axiory Strike Indicator. Both services offer a number of tools to help monitor market conditions and upcoming trends. 


Furthermore, we’re offering Autocharitst MT4 Plugin webinars, to help traders get a full rounded understanding of one of the most powerful technical analysis tools on the market, just in time for the US election. 


Last but not least our support remains as strong as ever and our team is prepared to assist traders when needed, reply to their inquiries and help them get prepared for the market in the upcoming weeks. 


Join our next webinar on the US election on September, 15, and our next webinar on Autochartist trade setups on September 22.