Axiory Receives the Best Customer-Centric Forex Brand 2020 Award in Dubai


It is with great honor that we announce Axiory has received the award for Best Customer-Centric Forex Brand in Dubai because this award epitomizes everything we stand for as a company, and that is to put you first in everything we do.



The award was presented to Axiory by Global Brands Magazine, Dubai, one of the leading publications in the region, which conducts a series of awards for companies on a yearly basis, honoring those who have stood out among industry leaders, with exceptional services and a unique vision.

“The Forex Awards were established to honor excellence in performance across industries. An external research team was constituted to evaluate the nominees. Axiory was selected from a very competitive group of entrants, all of whom demonstrated unique and exceptional service delivery towards evolving Forex sectors. Axiory Global was awarded this honor for exceptional commitment to innovation, quality, branding activities, customer service, and performance in Dubai” Global Brands Magazine representatives stated.


“Credit must be merited to our Dubai-based team that’s our finest and strongest connection to traders from the GCC region. The team has shown exceptional dedication, and hard work, even under strict COVID lockdown restrictions, yet still managing to grow the business and scale it exponentially, as well as maintain continued support to local clients.” Axiory Marketing Director, Dominic Poynter said.

Axiory’s core values have always been simple, fairness, transparency, care for all stakeholders, traders being the most important. We’ve strived towards fulfilling as many of our traders’ needs as possible since our establishment in 2012. It is because of our customer-centric approach that Axiory grew from a small broker to a global company with thousands of loyal traders. 

This award is truly dedicated to every person who’s made Axiory what it is today; our founders who set a very clear example in their ways of treating customers, all managers who have built and led excellent teams, our customer support teams who have helped thousands of traders over the years, and an entire company that proves their commitment on a daily basis, ensuring that every single customer is satisfied and served seamlessly. Most importantly we’d like to dedicate this award to you, for choosing to be part of our journey.