The European Magazine Readers Have Spoken: Axiory Wins Best Trading Conditions and Best Forex Trading Platform Awards


We’re excited to announce that we’ve received the awards for Best Trading Conditions and Best Foreign Exchange Platform 2020  in the non-EU category by the European Magazine.


The European magazine opened up for non-EU readers to vote for their favorite international companies in different categories, and Axiory Global received the highest votes in these two categories. 

These specific awards mean a lot to us because they celebrate the many upgrades we went through in 2020 to considerably improve trading conditions, staying true to our often-used phrase ‘trading conditions that work in your favor.’ 

In 2020 we increased leverage on the Max account to 1:777 and lowered commission on the Nano account. Also, we slashed the minimum first deposit for all accounts by 50% to 50 USD. As for 2021, we’ve launched a no-funding-fees promotion which decreases your overall costs. Your trading success gravely depends on the conditions you’re given and how well they serve you, combined with how powerful and fast your trading platform is. 

Earlier this year, we received the awards for Best New Forex Brand South East Asia and Best New Forex Brand Africa, 2021 from Global Brands.