Transform Your Trading Portfolio with the New Axiory CopyTrade App

Transform Your Trading Portfolio with the New Axiory CopyTrade App
It’s been a long time coming, and we’re excited to introduce you to the brand new FCA-regulated Axiory CopyTrade app. You can start copying 100s of successful traders to mimic their strategies to get their return percentage in a seamless, user-friendly app that gives you access to Axiory’s products and trading conditions.

“The Axiory CopyTrade app has been a part of our strategy since 2020. We wanted to make trading even more accessible, and what better way to get into trading than to mimic the strategies of already established traders?” said Marketing Director Dominic Poynter. “This is a chance for traders to expand their trading horizon and portfolio with the guidance of professionals and simultaneously take advantage of this environment to learn about strategies and the do’s and don’ts of trading.” 

Simply Copy or Control Your Trades

You can get the Axiory CopyTrade app with the Max trading account. While you can still trade on your Max account outside of the app, through CopyTrade, you can join a community of traders and 100s of master traders with transparent statistics that prove the success of their strategies. You can access all the assets available on the Max account and decide which ones to trade based on who you follow. 

CopyTrade is an excellent training wheel for anyone who has yet to acquire experience in trading, but it’s also an excellent tool for anyone willing to learn from successful traders and take advantage of their proven strategies.

The Axiory CopyTrade app allows you to copy trades exactly as they are placed by the master traders or make adjustments based on specific criteria like size and budget. You also have the flexibility to intervene in any open trades on your account, even if the master trader doesn’t adjust their position.

You can download the app on iOS and Android devices. 

Cut Through Hours of Work 

We designed the app to do the work for you; this means once you’ve selected the strategies you want to follow and set up your criteria, the trades will be automatically copied into your account in real-time. So when the master trader trades, you trade as well. 

This saves you hours of research and years of experience. You can leave the strategizing and decision-making to the pros and use your time freely. Maintain a professional portfolio without the hassle of trading. The best part is we won’t charge you anything for CopyTrading. You can take full advantage of the app with the same perks as your Max account.

Copy Trades or Be Copied 

The flipside of the Axiory CopyTrade app is the opportunity to become a master trader and create an international following that you can use to boost your affiliate or IB status in the trading industry.

You can sign up to become a master trader on the CopyTrade app, where your success ratio will be displayed for thousands of traders to follow. You can post your success rate on social media platforms and across your websites. 

You can combine being our partner with being a master trader, in which case you can leverage both positions to increase your referrals and followers. You’re entitled to a commission from any of your referrals that trade on the app.

CopyTrade the Axiory Way

Choosing to be a copy trader gives you the same benefits and opportunities as anyone else. You’ll get the same trading conditions as any Max account user, the same support, and the same benefits. This includes spreads as low as 0 pips, leverage up to 1:777, access to the MT4, cTrader, and Axiory CopyTrade platforms, free education and trading webinars, frequent promotions, and 100s of CFD products. You can start copy trading with as little as 10 USD. 

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