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Exclusive services for corporte accounts

In AXIORY, it is possible to open corporate account. If you experience losses with a corporate account, the corporation tax law is applied so it enables tax advantaged fund. We provide the same possibilities of STP account and ECN accounts. Also, in the case of a corporate account, we appoint a “fund operator” in addition to “corporate representative”. Fund operator has the authority to transfer funds by its sole discretion to you. We provide our professional assistant (concierge) for the customer who opens a corporate account. In addition, depending on the operations amount of funds, we are able to offer special spread, so please contact us individually for your corporate concierge.

  • leverage up to 1:400
  • Minimum deposit $1000
  • Exclusive concierge
  • Lowest Trades‘ volumes ranging from 0.01 lot

How to open a corporate account

STEP 1: Please fill in your application

In order to open a new real corporate account, please enter the application. Click on the “open a corporate account” in the next step and then move to the account opening form.

STEP 2: Submit neccesarry documents

The necessary steps to verify the corporation and individuals include sending us corporation identification documents such as corporation current address verification documents, board of directors, director identity of identification documents and board of Directors current address verification documents. These documents can be scanned or taken as photos in file type you prefer.

STEP 3: submit the Board of Directors decision

Board of Directors decision (Resolutions of Meetings of the Board of Directors)requires signature of all directors, please submit files online as digital data (pdf).

STEP 4: Receiving a login information

When you finish your registration you will recieve an e-mail with your login information including login, password and link for the download of the desired trading platform.

STEP 5: First deposit neccessary for trading

We offer several possibilities to deposit your initial funds such as bank transfer, credit card or BitPay (BitCoin).

STEP 6: Start trading

As soon as the payment has been confirmed it is possible to trade immidiately. Experience the high-spec trading platforms of AXIORY.

Required documents in order to open corporate account

In order to open the corporate account we require the following certificates,

  1. Income verification documents
  2. copy of corporate current address verification documents
  3. Board of Directors identity of identification documents
  4. Board of Directors current address verification documents In addition we require signatures of all directors of the company.

Statements of the corporate name

History matters all certificate copy of the (copy of the registration)

A copy of the articles of incorporation (approved ones), etc.

  • History matters all certificate copy of the (copy of the registration)

  • A copy of the articles of incorporation (approved ones), etc.

(only one of mentioned above needed)


  • utility bill
  • Bank use specification
  • Registration certificates

(only one of mentioned above needed)

Documents of the Board of Directors (representatives)

  • Automobile driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Photo with Resident Register card

(only one of mentioned above needed)


  • Specification, utility bill
  • Bank card usage specification
  • Various health insurance card, etc.

(only one of mentioned above needed)

1: Verification documents

The official name of the corporation and current address are required from public institutions.

  • Certificate of Incorporation (establishment permit)
  • Current Company Statement or Company Extract

2: Income current address verification documents

We require documents verification of your current address, not older than 6 months.

  • Specification, utility bill
  • Bank statement specification (can also be replaced by a bank reference letter)

3: The Directors identity verification documents (with photo)

Documents with name, date of birth and photography needed.

  • Automobile driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Foreigner registration card

4: Board of Directors current address verification documents

We require verification documents of directors current addresses not older than 6 months. Documents need to be from 3rd party.

  • health insurance card
  • receipt of various public utility charges
  • receipt of phone charges
  • bills of various banks and credit card companies
  • resident’s card
  • tax related documents

Please feel free to contact our customer support with any question.

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In AXIORY, We offer STP account and ECN account in both of our 2 trading platforms, Meta Trader 4 and cTrader.

  • Sign up with photos of your identification card, one other identity document and your current address verification documents (must be less than 6 months old).
  • Axiory Global Ltd, the United States and North Korea, Myanmar, Cuba, Sudan, Syria and Iran does not provide services to residents of the Islamic Republic. Our services are not available person under the age of 18.

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