Very narrow spread to achieve the most professional account (commissions at the lowest level)

ECN account, AXIORY’s world-class product, offers low spread ECN account. We exclude operating costs where the original policy does not include the excess fees from customers and instead of that they are added to the contract fee < US $ 3.0 / lot>. In addition we have lowered the initial deposit amount to $200.

In ECN account, all your orders, general investors and LP (Liquidity provider) are transmitted instantly to the electronic network and it is mechanically matched with the other orders. Customers can trade while checking a plate information (Level2) and bale to achieve very fair and transparent in your trading. In this method, only when the customer’s order is settled, the Company receives a commission of < US $ 3.0 / lot>. In addition, because of the matching method which is done by the electronic network, you do not have a concept of a contract rejection request . For this reason, it is impossible to perform any illegal operations, such as price manipulation and the denial of commitments.

  • Leverage up to 1:400
  • Minimu deposit $200
  • Transaction fee $ 3.0 / 1 lot
  • Lowest trading at 0,1 lot (1000 in currency)

Features of ECN account

ECN account offers the lowest price of transaction fee which makes this account more suitable for professinonals. It suits for aggressive strategies, scalping strategies, exponential trade with outstanding compatibility and promises the best performance for professional traders.

The lowest price of fees in transaction, very narrow spread level

With ECN account we can offer the lowest transaction fee $ 3.0 / 1 lot (1000 in currency). Prices are posted on ECN network with major currency like EUR / USD, EUR / JPY, USD / JPY etc. 0.1pips. And with the tremendous spread value, you can experience more fair market than anywhere else.

Non Dealing Desk (NDD) + ECN system

In AXIORY, in order to prevent a conflict of interests with customers, we eliminated the operations of any dealing desk and adopted the NDD (non-dealing desk) system to all of our account types. By adopting the ECN (Electronic Communications Network) system, we have achieved a fair trading for everyone.


ECN account in MetaTrader 4 and cTrader

ECN account is available in both trading platforms, Meta trader 4 and cTrader as well. Both work not only with Windows OS but also with any browser environment (WebTrader). Mobile environment (iPhone / Android) has been optimized for tablet devices and can quickly respond to a any trader‘s request immidiately.

Overview of ECN account

Order systemNDD ECN system (Electronic Communications Network)
Minimum depositUSD 200.00 equivalent (EUR 200.00, JPY 20,000) or more
Products61 currency pairs, precious metals 2 stocks, stock index CFD 10 stocks, resource stocks 4 for more information
Maximum leverage
400:1Deposit margin upper limit USD100,000 equivalent or less
300:1Deposit margin upper limit USD200,000 equivalent or less for more information
200:1 or lessNo deposit margin upper limit
Account currency unitsUSD (US $), EUR (Euro), JPY (yen)
Account opening / maintenance costsFree ($ 0)
Demo AccountFree for more information

Trading conditions

Order Unit[MT4] 0.01 lot (1,000 currency) [cTrader] 1,000 currency (1K)
Minimum / maximum number of orders[MT4] 0.01 lot (1,000 currency) / 1,000 Lot (100,000,000 currency) —[cTrader] 1,000 currency (1K) / 100,000,000 currency (100,000K)
Transaction fee$ 3.00 / 1 lot (100,000 currency) for more information
Possible time for tradingDaylight saving time : (Monday) morning 6:05 - (Saturday) morning 5:50 (Japan time) / winter time : (Monday) morning 7:05 - (Saturday) morning 6:50 (Japan time) for more information
Margin callIf the maintenance rate falls below 50% for more information
Stop loss orderIf the maintenance rate falls below 20% for more information
Trading platformsMetaTrader4, cTrader (WindowsPC, general-purpose web browser, various mobile platforms)
Price Display Unit3-digit / 5-digit display


Spread methodChange system
Spread valueReal-time spread value for more information
EUR / USD0.0 - 2.3 Pips
GBP / USD0.0 - 14.2 Pips
AUD / USD0.4 - 3.4 Pips
USD / JPY0.1 - 3.5 Pips
USD / CAD0.5 - 6.2 Pips
USD / CHF0.4 - 7.9 Pips

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In AXIORY, We offer STP account and ECN account in both of our 2 trading platforms, Meta Trader 4 and cTrader.

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