Margin calls and stop loss orders

Margin calls and stop loss orders are in place to protect you from sudden market fluctuations

The biggest attraction of FX in trading is leverage, the possibility to trade with a larger amount of money than you initially deposited. In this case you can make a bigger profit (or loss) with even the smallest change in the market. In AXIORY, for the purpose of preventing loss of funds, we demand using margins to deposit additional money or securities for the loss expansion of principal. This is called a “margin call”. In addition, when the loss increases beyond a certain percentage of the target open position (positions), this position (positions) is closed. This is called a “stop loss order”.

When margin call and stop loss order occurs

Margin call and stop loss orders are caused by the retention rate of your margin. In AXIORY, margin call is triggered in STP / ECN accounts when money maintenance rate is 50% or less and stop loss order will trigger when it becomes 20% or less margin retention rate.

Stop loss rules

When the margin maintenance ratio is equal or less than 20%, some positions are closed starting from the biggest amount.

Open positionsDateValuation lossOrder in which is the stop loss order executed
Position AMay 1-10,000No.2
Position BMay 2-50,000No. 1
Position CMay 3-2,000No.3

Exception in stop loss order

Since we execute orders trough our Liquidity Providers, it can occur that in some situations, like during time zone trading, the stop loss order will not be executed automatically.

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