Spread transaction fee

We lowered transaction spreads as much as possible

AXIORY provides the most favorable spread for customers. Unlike liquidity providers (Liquidity Providers) and prime brokers around the world (PrimeBroker), we came up with the narrowest level of spread in the market. In addition, regarding the transaction fees, ECN account types have a fee of $ 10.00 / 1 lot per order which is the lowest price in the area.

Floating spread

In FOREX trading, we cover many destinations around the world, and are always adapting our rates for real-time prices. Because of this, our customers can buy or sell at the best prices at that time and benefit with the biggest profit possible.

Different spreads for each account type

In our offer of STP and ECN accounts you can find different spreads. The reason for this is that you can find different commission fees between these types of accounts.

Difference between a STP and an ECN account according to commission fees

The spread in STP and ECN accounts depends on the amount of a specific trade. Since the spread is the difference between the selling price (BID) and the purchase price (ASK), for traders it is considered trade cost. In the case of STP accounts, the transaction fee is zero, so traders may expect a standard spread value. In ECN accounts, the spread value is low but the transaction fee occurs for every trade.

Method of calculating the ECN transaction fees

Because ECN accounts offer low spread levels, transaction fees (ECN fee) are set at $ 10.00 / 1 lot (100,000 currency) per order. Transaction fees for each trade will be deducted from the trading account.

The number of transactions (number of trades)AmountTransaction fee
0.01Buy order of the lot1,000 currency$ 0.10
0.10Buy order of the lot10,000 currency$ 1
0.50Buy order of the lot50,000 currency$ 5
1.00Buy order of the lot100,000 currency$ 10
10.00Buy order of the lot1,000,000 currency$ 100

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At AXIORY, we offer STP accounts and ECN accounts in both of our MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

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