Oil Dropped Below $0 For the 1st Time in History - What Are Traders Doing?


With the historic crash of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures, dropping below $0 on Monday, April 20th, traders are frantically looking for their next move. You can take advantage of the market without incurring extraordinary high risk - Tomasz Wisniewski has all the details in the video.



Check Out Our Top 3 Assets With the Most Trading Potential

Some traders are jumping in on buying oil and see this as a bargain of a lifetime, but more reasonable traders are taking into account the ripple effect such a big crash can have on the market and they are eyeing other instruments on the market which are presenting trading opportunities thanks to this historic market crash.


If you haven’t figured out these instruments then you’re in luck, because we’re about to highlight the star assets which have shown the most potential since Monday. What we’ll focus on are commodity currencies, these are currencies of countries which heavily depend on oil export and hence are affected by the crash. So, the Russian Ruble, the Mexican Peso and the Canadian Dollar will take the spotlight today. Make sure you checkout the video above for all the details from our trading expert Tomasz Wisniewski. 

What’s next? Things are changing very fast! Keep checking our market news and social media pages for ongoing articles and videos that’ll keep you informed & prepared for your next trading move. 


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