Negative Balance Protection Policies

Axiory’s way of Protecting Traders from Sudden Market Fluctuations

Forex trading is attractive on many levels to traders because it presents an opportunity to make profits, but online trading does not come without risks. At Axiory we've applied safety measures to limit your risk as much as possible. These measures include margin call, stop out, take profit and most importantly negative balance protection.

Negative Balance Protection

Negative Balance Protection is Axiory’s answer to our customers' concerns about losing more than they have invested. With this precautionary measure any losses that exceed your overall account balance will be automatically reset to zero. This means you will never lose more than you have deposited.

How Do the Margin Call and Stop Out Work

Both margin call and stop out are connected to the trader’s equity. Should a margin level on a trader’s Nano, Standard or MAX account fall below 50% the margin call will prevent traders from opening new positions.

Stop out comes into play when the margin level of your account falls below 20%. Stop out is a process that aims to decrease the margin of your account by closing positions. Which positions are closed are chosen by the trading platforms’ server and how it’s been programed to work. Stop out behaves differently in trading platforms, and for sure, it works differently in MT4 and cTrader. Have a look at how different platforms will start closing your positions.

MetaTrader 4 Stop Out

The stop out logic in MT4 is as follows:
the most unprofitable position is closed first and subsequently all other positions are closed starting from least to most profitable. 

cTrader Stop Out 

Smart stop out works by partially closing the position which is taking the most margin. This position will be partially closed in the smallest possible increment needed to restore your account's margin level to above the stop out level.

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