Sniper Trading Webinar

Flawless trading is about making the right decisions. A successful trader knows whether to settle down for quality or quantity and whether to choose probability or possibility when it comes to trading. But the path to this knowledge can be long and paved with losses.

Watch our webinar about sniper trading and let our professional trader, Tomasz, guide you. And since a good sniper relies on his gear, Tomasz will also recommend you the best trading setups and tools to aim for success. 

The purpose of snipers is to shoot down some in order to let others live, you will learn how to shoot down your losses in order to save profits.


On this webinar, you will:

  • Find out what are the most reliable trading setups on the market
  • Learn how to properly apply the most efficient tools from the technical analysis
  • Find out the key factors that may lead to flawless trading
  • Witness, how professional traders approach the markets


Hundreds of books, Thousands of technical tools, several trading strategies, which one to choose? On this webinar, we will not explain to you just ANY setups. We will explain THE setups. We will show you the most reliable and effective tools used by professional traders. Get ready! 


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Tomasz Wisniewski Head of Education