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Equities jump on Tuesday, but the negative sentiment persists.
US indices were trading higher ahead of the London session as traders bought the dip. However, the bearish mindset seems to be prevailing for now, and indices are down for six consecutive days, completing erasing last Monday's massive rally.
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Sentiment improves Monday, stocks rally.
Traders bought equities on Monday, and stocks erased Friday's losses, with the Nasdaq 100 index trading nearly 1% higher. The Dow and SP500 were up more than half a percent, and European exchanges were underperforming slightly.
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Stocks and dollar unchanged on Friday morning
Friday has brought with it some consolidation, and US equity futures are trading flat during the London session, and so is the greenback.
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Stocks decline again as risk-off sentiment reappears.
US equities were down for the third day, which is unusual nowadays. Indices futures were half a percent lower during the London session, erasing Monday's gains. 
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Equities erase yesterday's losses.
It looks like Wednesday will be a bullish day for stocks, and yesterday's decline is already nearly erased. US futures are up half a percent during the Londons session.
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Sentiment worsens on Tuesday after bad vaccine news.
Traders took some profits from yesterday's massive rally in stock indices, and Tuesday saw some selling early in the EU morning.
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US equities continue higher as the world battles another wave of infections.
The US stocks are up for the fourth consecutive day, with indices trading higher during the London session.
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Futures up again, bull market never ends.
Another day, another rally in the equity futures. US benchmarks are up 0.3% during the EU session and continue in their strong bullish momentum started on Wednesday.
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Euphoria continues, stocks push higher again.
Tuesday's large decline has already been completely forgotten and erased, with US indices gaining another 0.5% on Thursday, continuing higher after Wednesday's 2% gains.
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Tuesday's decline nearly erased as fiscal stimulus no longer necessary.
Donald Trump sent stocks sharply lower late Tuesday when he tweeted that he has negotiations over a new coronavirus aid package.
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Sentiment remains positive after Trump's discharge from hospital.
Stock futures remained somewhat lower on Tuesday, and they were consolidation after yesterday's huge rally. The SP500 index was trying to defend the 3,400 USD level, while the Dow was trying to stay above 28,000 USD. 
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Friday's dip erased as optimistic news send equities higher.
It looks like Friday's correction didn't last for a day, and US equity futures are back where they started on Friday as news broke out about Trump's condition.
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Traders got nervous after Trump's COVID announcement.
Equities around the world plunged on Friday, and EU bourses were set to open 1% lower. The US benchmarks were down 1.5% during the Frankfurt session as President Donald Trump, and his wife Melania have tested positive for the coronavirus.
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Stocks push higher; dollar eases amid stimulus hints.
Another day, another stimulus talks and another strong rally in equities. It seems there really is no other driver of the stock markets apart from stimulus - either fiscal or monetary. 
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Sentiment worsens again; dollar rises as stocks skid.
Wednesday has brought with it another decline of EU stocks, which continued to erase Monday's gains. Moreover, US equity futures were down nearly 1% ahead of the London session as yesterday's pause in Monday's rally brought more bears to the market.
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Markets rally after new stimulus package
Stock markets across the globe rose sharply on Monday despite the worsening COVID situation as the US's new stimulus overshadowed everything else. 
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Dollar falls, equities rise after Chinese data.
The greenback slid on Monday, while equity indices rose notably as sentiment improved over the weekend. US stock futures were up more than half a percent during the London session, with EU bourses also opening notably stronger. 
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Dollar eases on Friday after Thursday's reversal
The greenback failed to hold gains on Thursday and many USD pairs turned lower during the US session, which could imply the latest appreciation of the buck might be over. 
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Risk-off sentiment returns to markets. 
The US indices plunged on Wednesday and continued to trade weaker on Thursday, but EU bourses rose during the London session.
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Gold slammed amid dollar strength.
It has been a bad week for precious metal so far, and both gold and silver continued to decline on Wednesday. Silver was down another 4%, trading at 23.45 USD, with gold sliding 1% to trade near 1,880 USD.
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Stocks continue lower on Tuesday.
Yesterday's sharp losses (although cut considerably in the last hour of US trading) continued on Tuesday, and market indices were seen half a percent lower ahead of the London session.
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Markets slide again on Monday.
Equity markets came under selling pressure again on Monday, and US indices were down circa half a percent, while EU bourses were expected to open nearly a 1% lower.
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Equities calm so far on Friday, virus resurgence eyed
Equity markets were flat during the London session on Friday as volatility decreased after Thursday's decline. 
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Markets plunge as Fed disappoints.
It was an unusual sight this morning for EU traders as they came to their desks and saw equity futures down nearly 2% - we are certainly not used to see that!
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Investors getting ready for another dovish Fed meeting.
Volatility has been lower so far on Wednesday, and equity indices were up only marginally during the London session. 
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US equities up on Tuesday, continuing in bullish mode.
Traders bought US equity futures again on Tuesday, and indices were trading half a percent higher during the London session as the recent correction seems to be over. 
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Stocks rocket higher amid more vaccine news.
How easy is that? Indices are up 1.5% during the London session on Monday after AstraZeneca announced Saturday that it had resumed phase 3 trials of its Covid-19 vaccine candidate, which it is developing with the University of Oxford.
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Equities shake-off from yesterday' sell-off, post gains on Friday
Friday looks like an optimistic day and markets are in a risk-on regime once again.
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Stocks rise despite bad vaccine news, focus on ECB.
Wednesday was a very bullish day for equities worldwide, and major indices posted huge gains between 2-4%. We will see if the buying continues today as investors will pay attention to the ECB meeting.
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Oil crashes most since June.
Yesterday was a negative day for the financial markets and stocks; oil crashed hand in hand. The WTI benchmark lost circa 6% and the Brent oil +- the same. 
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Dollar eases on quiet Tuesday.
The greenback was trading somewhat lower on Tuesday morning, with the EURUSD pair hovering above 1.18, and the USDJPY pair was seen slightly above 106.
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New week starts with negative sentiment.
Earlier in the day, German industrial production for July rose only 1.2% monthly, well below 4.8% expected and below 9.3% scored in June. The year-over-year change remained weak at -10%, slightly better than -11.4% in June, but analysts had expected +12.1%.
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Equities finally tumble, dollar unchanged ahead of US labor market data.
Thursday saw some massive selling in the equity markets, and nearly all of the major stocks fell sharply. 
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Stocks and dollar up, France promises more stimulus.
The EU indices were rising again on Thursday, with the German DAX up half a percent. The US indices were lagging, although futures were indicating at another bullish open. 
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Greenback flat, equities rise again on Wednesday.
Nothing new is happening - the US dollar continues to be under pressure, although with a little pause on Wednesday, while US equity markets are going vertical. 
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Shares rise again after Chinese data.
US equity indices were trading 0.3% higher on Monday morning, while the EU exchanges were also stronger heading into the opening bell.
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Equities surging to record highs on Friday
Another day, another record highs. This could be put on a copy-paste rotation as markets are rallying each day, without any hesitation.
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Investors await Powell's speech, US GDP.
Volatility has been lower so far on Thursday, and indices were marginally lower, correcting some of yesterday's huge gains as two major macro events are on the agenda today.
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Markets are getting ready for Powell's speech.
US equities continue to reach new record highs every day, while other markets are calmer. On Wednesday, equity indices were trading marginally lower during the London session, while EU bourses were more bearish.
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Stocks soar yet again on Tuesday.
US benchmarks were 0.7% higher, while EU bourses opened 1% stronger on Tuesday morning.
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Another day, another record-er highs
The new week is staring in a bullish mode (how unexpected), and equities across the globe are seen notably higher, with US futures up half a percent and EU exchanges opening circa one percent stronger. 
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EURUSD turns lower after EU PMIs
The single currency was trading nearly half a percent weaker on Friday, with the EURUSD pair hovering near 1.1810 as traders digested the latest PMI numbers across the eurozone.
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Traders spooked by Wednesday's FOMC minutes.
Thursday saw a negative open for equity indices, and US benchmarks were down half a percent, while the EU bourses opened circa 1% lower. However, the dip will most likely be temporary, and dip buyers are expected to emerge soon.
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Bad news is good news, but good news is even better!
Stocks rocketed higher on Tuesday, and the SP500 index, along with the Nasdaq index, rose to new all-time highs. The Dow lagged. 
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Tensions rise, but equity markets remain bullish.
The US-China relations have deteriorated yet again as the Trump administration stated Monday that it would further tighten restrictions on China's Huawei Technologies, cracking down on its access to commercially available chips.
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Traders pausing on Monday
There has not been huge volatility so far on Monday, and most of the markets were calm or with only a marginal daily difference during the Frankfurt session.
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SP500 at record highs
On Wednesday, the SP500 index reached new all-time highs but failed to close there as the index slipped during the final hour. However, we can expect new highs today as equities are rising every day now. 
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Markets surge again, ignoring yesterday's decline
Tuesday was a negative day for US stocks as indices erased all intraday gains and dropped sharply in the last hours of trading. However, this is all a forgotten history as futures are up 1% during the London session on Wednesday.
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Stocks surge on Tuesday, again
Nothing new here - move along. Equities were bid again, and US indices were trading half a percent stronger in the Frankurt session on Tuesday as there was no obvious catalyst, but the bullish momentum was clearly enough. 
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Markets calm on Monday morning
The greenback was trading unchanged against most of its major peers, with the EURUSD pair hovering near 1.1780, and the USDJPY pair was spotted rising toward the 106 level.
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Equity markets lower ahead of NFPs.
Stock markets around the globe slipped on Friday, and investors took some profits from the recent massive rally, with E.U. and U.S. indices trading half a percent lower during the Frankfurt session.
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Precious metals explode higher, yet again
The incredible bullish trend in precious metals continued on Thursday, with gold rising another half a percent to 2,050 USD, while silver has rocketed more than 3% so far on the day, trading below the 28 USD level. 
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Gold surges above 2,000 USD, seems unstoppable
As the US dollar continues to fall, precious metals are rising sharply. Earlier in the day, the EURUSD pair rose back toward the 1.19 mark, which helped to renew the buying frenzy in gold and silver and metals roared higher.
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Equities correct gains, dollar drops again
On Thursday, GDP data for both Germany and the U.S. showed catastrophic drops in growth, printing the worst numbers on record, which were caused by the lockdowns imposed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.
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Stocks pause rally ahead of GDP data.
Sentiment seemed negative on Thursday morning, and stocks corrected their yesterday's gains, while the US dollar advanced a little. 
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Dollar down ahead of FOMC meeting
The greenback came under renewed selling pressure on Wednesday and the EURUSD pair was up 0.3% during the Frankfurt session, changing hands at 1.1750. The USDJPY pair fell below 105, but precious metals were flat today (so far), with silver spotted near 24.40 USD and gold at around 1.960 USD.
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Gold eases from record highs on Tuesday.
The price of gold continued to shoot higher during the Asian session and was seen reaching new record highs near 1,950 USD, before giving up those gains and dropping to 1,910 USD. Silver followed the sell-off and was trading more than 6% lower during EU trading hours.
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Equities rise on Monday; investors eye more stimulus.
Monday started on a positive note, and stock indices were trading stronger, although the EU session is already seeing some selling. 
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Investors are getting nervous - equities are dropping.
Friday started with a bearish sentiment as stock indices were already 1% weaker during the London session, and it seems like the negative sentiment could persist throughout the whole day.
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Indices briefly higher on Thursday morning
Equity indices turned higher on Thursday, with EU and US futures rising circa 0.5% during the Frankfurt session. 
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EURUSD above 1.15, stocks flat
The Euro remained above the 1.15 threshold against the greenback and it was seen somewhat higher on Wednesday during the London session. The pair managed to break above the March top and was trading at 18-month highs. 
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Risk appetite increases after vaccine news.
Tuesday has brought renewed optimism that all will be well, and investors bought equities, while JPY crosses and commodity-linked currencies were bid too.
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Sentiment seems bearish on Monday morning.
Stock markets are dropping notably on Monday, amid disappointment that the EU leaders have failed to come to an agreement over additional stimulus as coronavirus case numbers continue to rise globally. 
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Equities climb higher amid stimulus hopes.
European Union leaders meet later Friday to seek agreement over a proposed recovery fund to help the countries hard hit by the coronavirus outbreak to rebuild.
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Equities pare gains ahead of ECB, US data
Stock indices corrected yesterday's gains and were seen 0.5 - 1.0% weaker during Frankfurt and London trading hours.
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Sentiment positive again after Moderna's vaccine news
Indices futures rose sharply, and both the U.S. dollar and the Japanese yen plunged following some positive vaccine news on late Tuesday. 
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Monday's big reversal
Yesterday was quite a volatile day. US stock indices were trading 1.5% to 2.0% higher with only 2 hours to go for the day when the Fed's Kaplan said the US central bank might start scaling back its QE program as the US economy is doing pretty well. 
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Investors buy equities on Monday.
Stock benchmarks across the globe rose during the Asian session on Monday, with E.U. bourses set to open 1% higher, and U.S. equity futures were seen half a percent stronger. 
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Markets sharply lower to end the volatile week.
Equity futures dived on Friday and EU bourses were lower by 1%, while US indices were a bit strong, trading down 0.8% shortly after London opened for trading.
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Markets expect EU leaders to provide more stimulus
Sentiment during the EU session was not very bullish and indices fell slightly, erasing part of yesterday's gains. 
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Daily Roundup 8.7.2020
Equities are trying to start the EU session slightly positive as the intraday dip was bought. However, the upside momentum seems to be lacking following yesterday\s sell-off.
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Markets preview 6.7.2020
Euphoria is back! Markets surged on Monday as traders eyed the coronavirus developments over the weekend. Since US cases slowed somewhat, it seemed to be enough to fuel another strong rally. 
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Markets preview 3.7.2020
The Asian session continued in the risk-on sentiment, and equity futures rose half a percent, heading into the European session. The greenback was trading flat against most of the major currencies, with the EURUSD pair seen near 1.1240, and the USDJPY pair was unchanged at 107.50.
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Markets preview 2.7.2020
The risk-on sentiment persisted throughout the Asian session and equity indices are trading half a percent higher during the early London session. 
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Markets preview 1.7.2020
European stocks opened slightly lower on Wednesday, with the second half of the year starting with worries about the Covid-19 outbreak still prominent even as data releases offer hope of a global economic recovery.
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Markets preview 30.6.2020
Sentiment remained positive during overnight trading hours, with equities rising slowly and commodity-linked currencies also seen stronger heading into EU hours.
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Markets preview 29.6.2020
The last week of June started on a bearish side as stock indices opened with another bearish gap, and the Dow Jones index was testing 25,000 USD to the downside, while the SP500 index was trying to defend the 3,000 USD level. If these levels are broken to the downside, a steeper correction could occur.
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Stocks slammed amid virus threat, again.
Equities plunged into negative territory on Friday as Thursday's rally was sold into, and it looks like a bearish trap. Indices were down 1-2% across the board shortly after the US opening bell. 
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Equities volatile as cases surge
Thursday started as another risk-off day and equities dived, mainly due to continuous rise in COVID cases in the US, but the dip was bought and indices were trading flattish during the US session.
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Stocks pummelled, dollar gains after tariff talk.
The US dollar bid on Wednesday, while stock indices dropped 1-2% as a fresh risk-off wave hit the markets. 
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Optimism returns after superb PMIs
Stocks were soaring on Tuesday and EU indices were 2% higher, while the US benchmarks traded 1% stronger ahead of the US opening bell. 
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Equities volatile, trying to erase Friday's losses
Stocks were volatile today but managed to erase a large bearish gap on Sunday evening as investors bought the dip.
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Dollar advances after US macro data
Traders bought the US dollar on Thursday and it was advancing against other major currencies, with the EURUSD pair dropping toward the 1.12 threshold. Commodity-linked currencies were the weakest today.  
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Stocks trying to remain positive on Wednesday
The US equities were fighting to stay in a positive territory shortly after the US opening bell as the morning rally was met with selling pressure after the open (as usual).
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Sentiment improves after more stimulus is announced.
Investors once again piled into equities, and yesterday's decline was quickly erased as US indices were seen trading nearly 2% stronger on Tuesday.
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Stocks plunge again amid virus resurgence fears.
Equities dived on Monday, and indices were down 3% during the London session. However, they managed to recover some of the losses to trade off their daily highs during the U.S. session.
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Equities pare gains during US session on Friday
Traders bought the dip in US equities, but as usual, the opening bullish gaps are sold and Friday was no exception, with indices quickly paring gains during the US session.
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Stocks slammed as sentiment worsens
Global stock indices were down 2-3% on Thursday, and they continued to slide since Tuesday's reversal as there has been some bad news for investors, and the Fed failed to inspire more buying in the overbought markets. 
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Equities dive ahead of FOMC decision
Traders took profits from the recent massive rally in equities and the SP500 index and Dow Jones indices were trading sharply lower on Wednesday, down two days in a row, while the Nasdaq 100 index continued to march higher after breaching the 10,000 USD threshold. 
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Stocks decline after some profit-taking.
Equities across the globe took a hit on Tuesday, and the main indices were down 1-2% ahead of the US session as traders took some profits from the recent euphoric rally. 
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Equities and euro rise after weak German data
The new started on a positive note, and equities surged again, with the EURUSD pair defending the 1.13 level for now. 
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Payrolls rise by 2.5 million; stocks explode higher.
What a surprise! The greenback advanced, stocks rocketed higher, and bonds were sold-off heavily (yields spiked) as May's labor market report shocked positively.
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DAX pumps and dumps after ECB decision
The EURUSD pair along with the German DAX rocketed higher after the ECB decision, but failed to hold gains and both instruments were quickly sold-off to daily lows.
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Greenback remains weaker after ADP beats expectations.
The EURUSD pair was still holding above the 1.12 barrier on Wednesday afternoon, as many US data were released today. US equities continued to roll higher, with the Nasdaq 100 index just shy off the all-time highs. 
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EURUSD at ten-week highs, stocks continue to rise
The greenback was sold broadly on Tuesday,, and the EURUSD pair pushed above the critical resistance level of 1.1150. As long as the euro remains above this level, the immediate outlook seems bullish.
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This Month’s NFP Report Expected to Be Much Better than Last Month’s, But Is This Good News?
On Friday, June 5th the Non-Farm Payroll (NFP) will be released and the US economy is expected to shed another 10 million jobs. This would be half of April’s 20 million, but still an incredibly high number.NFP reports since the COVID-19 lockdown have reported unprecedented numbers of unemployment which reflect negatively on the United States economy.
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Risk returns as China-US relationship worsens again
Traders sold equities and bought the greenback on Monday as risk sentiment soured due to US riots and worsening China-US diplomatic relationship.
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Stocks plunge on Friday
Friday seemed to be a negative day for equities as investors braced for President Donald Trump’s response to China’s national security legislation for Hong Kong, threatening to take the shine off a monster week - and month - for Wall Street, which pushed the S&P above 3,000 and the 200 DMA for the first time since March.
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Dow Jones boosted by Boeing on Thursday.
The Dow Jones index was the best performing US index on Thursday and was trading more than half a percent stronger ahead of the US opening bell. Boeing Co climbed 4.2% after the planemaker said it had resumed production of its 737 MAX passenger jet at its Washington plant.
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Markets slump amid US-Chinese tensions.
It started as another very bullish day as indices rose sharply during the Asian and E.U. session, only to be sold-off like crazy once the U.S. exchanges opened for trading. 
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Nasdaq turns lower, while broad market indices remain sharply higher
It has been a volatile session on Tuesday and the Nasdaq 100 index erased all the daily gains and turned lower after the US opening bell, while the SP500 and Dow Jones indices were trading more than 1% stronger.
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US equities erase losses ahead of the opening bell
US benchmarks were 1% lower in the morning, but dip buyers reappeared and the decline was quickly erased, with indices now slightly higher on the day ahead of the US opening bell.
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Equities down despite encouraging PMIs
Major equity benchmarks were down ahead of the US opening bell, with indices correcting Wednesday's gains. 
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Stocks Rise, Dollar Drops ahead of FOMC minutes.
U.S. equities rocketed higher on Wednesday, with both the SP500 and Nasdaq 100 indices posting new swing highs, which could be a confirmation of an ongoing bullish trend. 
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US stocks volatile after real estate data
US indices were jumping up and down on Tuesday, with the Nasdaq 100 index half a percent higher after the opening bell, while the SP500 and Dow Jones indices were seen slightly lower. 
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Stocks rocket higher after dovish Fed
All three US equity benchmarks were strongly higher today and they were trading 3% stronger during the US session. EU indices also rose notably. 
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Dollar drops after miserable US retail sales
The greenback was sold-off notably on Friday and the EURUSD pair jumped to 1.0850, while the USDJPY pair slid below the 107 threshold.
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Dollar advances despite another surge in claims
The greenback was trading broadly higher on Thursday as traders were relieved from fears of negative rates coming to the US.
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Stocks drop, dollar gains as Powell says Fed is not looking at negative rates.
Tuesday's sell-off in equities continued on Wednesday, and the SP500 and Dow Jones indices were trading half a percent lower, while the tech Nasdaq 100 index fought to stay in positive territory.
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Dollar drops after Weak CPI print
The EURUSD pair was trading 0.6% higher on Tuesday, as weak US inflation undermined the greenback. The USD was down against most of the major currencies.
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Greenback and Nasdaq rise on Monday
Monday has not brought any meaningful news, apart from the fact that there has been an uptick in new coronavirus infections in Germany and South Korea. 
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Another Historic NFP Report Comes Out Today
Much has been said about the current state of the US labor market. Economists expect the non-farm payrolls (NFP) number to decline to -22 million for April, down from -701k scored in March. There has never been such a substantial drop in jobs, and these times are truly unprecedented. The unemployment rate is forecast to rise to 14% from 4.4% previously, but as we speculated earlier, the real number will most likely be far worse. We expect the unemployment rate to reach 23%. 

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Stocks soar, dollar gains and oil spikes on volatile Thursday
Equities accelerated higher today after batch of positive macro news and US indices were trading 2-3% higher during the US session.
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Dollar Remains Higher after ADP Report
The EURUSD pair was trading nearly half a percent weaker on the day, hovering at around 1.08 during the US session, while the GBPUSD pair was seen at around 1.2350, some 65 pips lower on the day. The USDJPY pair was also under pressure and dropped 0.4% to 106.00.
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Last Month’s NFP Was Unprecedented! Are You Prepared for This One?
On Friday, May 8th the Non Farm Payroll (NFP) will be released for the second time since the COVID-19 lockdown and traders are on alert!
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Indices rise sharply on Tuesday, oil soars
Traders bought equities yet again on Tuesday and the three US benchmarks were seen nearly 2% higher shortly after the US opening bell.
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EU Brent Oil Proves Stable in Face of WTI Market Crash, Does This Mean You Should Trade Brent?
Market conditions are pointing towards a couple of unstable weeks ahead for the WTI benchmark which is why at Axiory we acted fast and added Brent Oil to your choices of energy assets.
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Stocks rocket higher after catastrophic US GDP, oil gains after positive data
Another day, another strong rally in the equity markets. The SP500 index was up 2.15%, while the Nasdaq 100 index advanced 3% at the time of writing. EU indices were 2-3% higher as well.
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Equities drop, dollar rises after weak US consumer confidence
Stocks were slammed and the EURUSD pair dropped circa 60 pips from daily highs and was trading at around 1.0830 during the US session on Tuesday as the greenback rallied strongly after weak US data.
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Greenback volatile after US durable goods orders
The greenback traded slightly lower against a basket of currencies as traders reacted to the latest US economic numbers.
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Dollar drops and stocks soar after today's macro data
Traders sold the greenback on Thursday and it erased earlier gains as the US jobs market continued to deteriorate, but equity investors pushed the indices sharply higher.
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Oil Dropped Below $0 For the 1st Time in History - What Are Traders Doing?
With the historic crash of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures, dropping below $0 on Monday, April 20th, traders are frantically looking for their next move. You can take advantage of the market without incurring extraordinary high risk - Tomasz Wisniewski has all the details in the video.
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WTI Futures Fall Below $0 For the First Time in History - What Does this Mean And Why Did it Happen?
On Monday, US West Texas Intermediary (WTI) oil cratered to -40 USD a barrel. This isn’t a joke – oil traded in negative territory for the first time in history, just a week after the price was at 25 USD a barrel.
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Oil crashes 40% to multi-decade lows.
The price of the WTI oil dropped 40% on Monday and traded at around 11 USD, which are levels last seen in 1998. Moreover, today's crash was the biggest on record.
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Markets euphoric at the end of the week
US equities surged yet another day and indices were up 2-3% percent on Friday as investors cheered the possibilities of the US states reopening their economies. Moreover, news about the Remdesivir drug being effective for COVID treatment lifted stocks as well.
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US equities rally again after US jobless claims
US indices staged another rally on Thursday as US jobless claims continued to point to a steep rise in the unemployment rate. 
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Greenback surges despite weak US data
The US dollar was bid on Wednesday and was trading higher against other major currencies, with the EURUSD pair down 1% during the afternoon session, changing hands at around 1.0870.
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Oil drops to 20 USD after IMF warning
Traders sold oil on Tuesday, despite the recent historic OPEC+ deal to cut production and the WTI benchmark was down 6% during the US session, quickly dropping toward the 20 USD threshold again.
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Equities soar after another catastrophic claims print
US equitires roared higher again on Thursday and the SP500 index was trading 2% higher after another batch of very negative fundamental news. 
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Equities volatile, dollar eases on Wednesday.
Wednesday has brought with it another day of volatility, and equities jumped up and down, with bulls a bit cautious after yesterday's significant reversal.
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Stocks roar higher as investors turn optimistic again
All it needed for a 5% rally in indices was a small decline in US coronavirus deaths over the weekend (despite many analysts calling this decline false and underreported), and the markets rallied sharply.
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Stocks rocket higher after catastrophic US labor market data
US equities shot higher on Friday and erased all the intraday losses after the worst non-farm payrolls print since the financial crisis.
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EURUSD drops despite catastrophic US jobless claims
The EURUSD pair declined 1% on Thursday and was trading at around 1.0850 during the US session as investors once again sought the safety of the US dollar. 
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Relief rally ends on Wednesday
Risk-off sentiment returned on Wednesday, and investors sold into the latest stock market' rally. 
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Equities turn lower on Tuesday
US equity benchmarks declined somewhat on Tuesday, but remained strongly higher on the week, with all three major indices down circa 1% during the US session.
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WTI oil plunges to 20 USD again
The big standout during the European trading was oil, which took another eyewatering 8% tumble on Monday, with some now expecting the price to drop to zero (or negative) as storage facilities fill up. The rout in oil took crude to its lowest since 2002.
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Stocks Explode Higher Despite Miserable News
Equities across the globe exploded higher on Thursday and US benchmarks were seen 4% stronger, while EU indices were also trading with gains, ranging from 1 to 4%. 
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Oil falls again on Wednesday
Earlier in the day, the WTI oil plunged back to a 23 USD handle after the boss of Vitol Group said demand is down about 15 million to 20 million barrels a day and will shrink further with India’s decision to go into lockdown.
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EURUSD defends 1.08 after EU PMI's
The EURUSD pair was trading 1% higher on Tuesday as the global demand for the greenback eased slightly and the euro managed to crawl back above the 1.08 threshold.
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Another bearish day for stocks
US stock futures hit the limit down on late Sunday again as the US congress failed to approve the massive financial aid.
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USDJPY tests 110 amid USD shortage
Traders have been massively buying the US dollar over the previous days, which sent the dollar index to new record highs. The USDJPY pair was trading 1.5% stronger during the US session on Thursday, testing the 110 threshold to the upside. 
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How to Deal with the Coronavirus Outbreak & Trade Unstable Markets
March 19th 2020 | 4 PM CET
Learn how to trade in times of instability
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Markets in total panic mode once again
All four major US equity benchmarks opened circa 7% lower on Thursday, which immediately led to a 15 minutes halt in trading as circuit breakers were triggered. After the stop, indices surged sharply, but failed to hold those gains and are now slowly (or rather quickly) dropping toward daily lows.
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USDJPY pair rockets higher and erases Monday's losses
In a surprising move, the USDJPY pair skyrocketed higher and was trading more than 2% stronger during the US session, last seen at around 104.50. The greenback effectively erased Monday's losses and closed the bearish gap. What happens now should be crucial for the near-term future here.
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Total Collapse of the Street
Monday marked one of the worst days in the history as oil crashed 30% and equity indices were down 7-10% across the globe, which seems to be the worst weekend, or at least the similarly bad to the infamous Lehman weekend. 
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Coronavirus: Markets are Falling - How to Deal with it?

Learn how to trade in times of instability
Let’s get real - spreading of Coronavirus doesn’t seem to lose its grip on the financial markets.”Safe haven” assets such as Gold, Stocks, or USD are falling down sharply and the same goes for Oil, or Bitcoin. Axiory is here to keep its traders safe and secure. This webinar will show you how.

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