The Axiory CopyTrade App Has Won the Best Social Trading Platform 2021, Africa Award

The Axiory CopyTrade App Has Won the Best Social Trading Platform 2021, Africa Award
Ending the year on a high! We’re excited to announce that the Global Banking & Finance Awards® have awarded the Axiory CopyTrade app, the Best Social Trading Platform 2021, Africa award.

It’s an honour to be listed among the most well-known companies in the African region which solidifies that Axiory has managed to become an established contender for locals. 

Copy Trading in Africa 

Copy trading is preferred by many traders in the African market, and that was one of the reasons we pushed for the release of the app.  We’ve been focusing on this particular market, and working on expanding our services to cater to the needs of local traders. The Axiory CopyTrade app is a perfect tool for many traders who are interested in reaping the benefits of the online trading market. 

The Axiory CopyTrade App

Axiory CopyTrade is a great opportunity for beginners to take their first steps with the guidance of experienced veterans, and a great tool for traders of all levels to save time and energy, and trust in the proven strategies of their fellow traders. 

“The Axiory CopyTrade app has been a part of our strategy since 2020. We wanted to make trading even more accessible, and what better way to get into trading than to mimic the strategies of already established traders?” said Marketing Director Dominic Poynter about the release of the app. “This is a chance for traders to expand their trading horizon and portfolio with the guidance of professionals and simultaneously take advantage of this environment to learn about strategies and the do’s and don’ts of trading,” he added. 

The app is also a great tool for experienced traders who can join as ‘master traders’ to share their strategies and increase their followers within and outside of the app. 

2021 A Year Beginning and Ending With Awards

In 2021 Axiory received multiple awards for different regions from several prestigious institutions. Receiving an award, especially when it’s voted for by traders, is reassurance that our efforts to improve your trading experience and offer you the best products and services are truly working, and you’re only getting the best of the best. 

Some of the awards we won this year: 

  • Most Transparent Forex Broker Asia  2021- Global Forex Awards 

  • Most Transparent Forex Broker 2021 - Ultimate Fintech Awards 

  • Best Forex Educators 2021 - Global Forex

  • Best New Forex Brand, South East Asia 2021 - Global Brands Magazine Awards

  • Best New Forex Brand, Africa 2021 - Global Brands Magazine Awards

  • Best Education Provider 2021 - Fxdaily Awards

  • Best Forex Broker CFDs 2021​ - Fxdaily Awards

Here’s to 2022

Year after year we are grateful for the spectacular traders who have chosen to trust us and be part of our family. Thank you for your time, loyalty, and in some cases your votes. We promise to keep working hard to make 2022 even better and bigger, while always looking out for your best interest.

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