AXIORY’s Company Social Responsibility in Africa

Our company has recently launched a new Company Social Responsibility (CSR) that follows our social activity. This CSR was informally established on April 25th when a large earthquake (M7.8) occurred in Nepal. Serious damage happened in a wide range of areas, including the capital of Kathmandu. The AXIORY group made a donation of $10,000 US Dollars (USD) from the operating profits, and gave financial support through “UNICEF Czech Republic” to assist in the reconstruction of the affected areas. We ensured that these contributions assisted the children of Nepal. Because of the success of this contribution, we decided to move from being a onetime supporter to a long-term social support.

For our first project and as the pilot project for our CSR program, we decided to support a small and transparent organization, GL Africa. The reason we decided to support this project is because transparency and efficiency are important to us, and we are certain that our financial contribution is being properly allocated and efficiently spent by GL Africa.

In an effort to remain both transparent and motivational, we have also decided to share with you how our support has assisted. This will be done on a monthly basis and will be done through the use of the photographs and stories of the very people who have directly benefited from our assistance. All these articles will be published on Click on the link and check out our inspirational stories!

We can also help you help! If you want to support GL Africa too, contact us at and we will give you instructions on how you can also be a benefactor.

What exactly are we supporting?

Through our sponsorship, our goal is to financially aid abandoned children in Cameroon and Tanzania.

What does the coming of AXIORY Global Ltd. mean to the children? How are their lives going to change? To provide a positive look ahead, we would like to outline some of the most significant benefits and new opportunities that will remarkably influence the everyday lives of the children of these areas.

Life without Fear

The sponsorship provided by AXIORY Global Ltd. will primarily grant the children one of the most valuable gifts – a life with no fear. In other words, we will be able to provide the orphans with higher-quality food and water, as well as with medication and other resources they need to stay healthy and strong. At the same time, the kids can look forward to receiving new clothing and spare-time items to play with. In short, our new partner’s donation will make the orphans’ childhood fearless and full of joy – that is how children are supposed to live!

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Another Year at School

Thanks to the donation from AXIORY Global Ltd., the children will be able to resume their educational programs and enter the next school year without any delays. Since GL Africa emphasizes high-quality education, we consider this fact a notable milestone that will help the children build up their general knowledge and enrich their intellect. It is important to add that along with the school fees, our group will be able to provide the kids with new school uniforms, additional notebooks, pens and pencils, flashcards, and other useful tools.

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Modernized environment

A significant amount of AXIORY’s initial donation will be used for the orphanage’s extensive reconstruction that is scheduled for the summer of 2018. In particular, we plan to remodel and modernize the classrooms, where students will enjoy new desks, tiled floors, white walls as well as more light, and much more.

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It is important to add that part of our new partner’s donation will go to purchasing new mattresses, mosquito nets, bedsheets, as well as blankets and other equipment necessary for the children’s protection. By doing so, we anticipate to improve the living standards within the orphanage.

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More Exploration

Last but not least, the sponsorship of AXIORY Global Ltd. will enable our team to organize more educational trips to local cities and explorations of nature for the children. GL Africa is in favor of these trips mainly because they allow the children to perceive the world through experience, which is something that cannot be taught at school.

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