Fast and robust trading infrastructure

The most important factors for professional traders are the speed of execution, market depth, and the quality of orders filled. These were the main factors we had in mind when we were building the new execution infrastructure.

Axiory’s traders now can trade within milliseconds with the use of the MetaTrader platform or FIX protocol. Our MT4 servers are hosted by the world’s biggest hosting centers, such as Equinix in London (LD4) or in Tokyo (TY3). In addition, our execution core uses co-located low latency connectivity with the liquidity providers and top tier banks.

Be faster, be more profitable

We designed world-class infrastructure that is based around the analysis of our clients’ location. We have always worked toward the ideal set-up, which could give our clients the best possible connection with our Liquidity Pool, and also the lowest connection time and less slippage for every trade executed through the Axiory Execution Hub.

World map & infrastructure

  • Time information in the infrastructure map displays the transfer time of one packet of data from a certain location to our execution hub. Please note this time information does not include the execution time inside of our execution hub or the speed of an order’s fill by banks.

Axiory London execution hub

We have identified four main points that are important for high quality trading experiences with professional brokers. The number one priority is to have a stable core that is cross-connected with liquidity providers. Our continuous development is mainly focused on increasing the market-depth and the number of data centers and back-up systems.

Execution center


Our trading servers are cross-connected with our Liquidity Pool in our execution center located in Equinix LD4 in London. AS a result, all of the orders that come from our servers are being filled in milliseconds.

Market depth


We are connected with our Liquidity Pool located both in London and New York. This ensures the deep market depth for filling the high volume trades and also reduces the slippage generated by averaging executed prices.

Local datacenters


We use local datacenters in London (LD4), Tokyo (TY3), Amsterdam and more. It helps to improve the speed and the quality of orders from the local trading places. These datacenters also help to avoid the over-connection of customers to a certain trading server which could affect the stability of their orders.

Back-up systems


On top of all that, we also have the 3-level back-up system for price streams that ensures a great level of stability. We have automatic control mechanisms in place for cases in which the trading servers freeze. The automatic re-booting system and the back-up server for each main server means peace of mind for traders.

Execution speed on Equinix - MT4 Server

Our infrastructure set-up is built for ultra low-latency trading, to the full potential of what the MetaTrader technology allows. The trading servers and the execution core are located in the London Equinix LD4 datacenter and cross-connected with our Liquidity Pool.

Equinix - MT4 Server

Execution speed for FIX connection

For the high frequency traders and experienced programmers, we also offer the FIX protocol 4.4 where all trades are executed directly in Equinix London (LD4).

Equnix - FIX center

MT4 execution transparency

Furthermore, we do our best to be transparent in terms of execution slippage. Unfortunately, it is not possible to create public statistics from the MetaTrader server to share with you, so instead we decided to show you the slippage distribution data we measured on our own.

Slippage chart

Note: The slippage provided above represents the occurrence of slippage for the period from 1.5.2016 to 31.5.2016.

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