Axiory Dragon's Bonus 2024

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never before? Challenge the Axiory Dragon and unlock a world of bonuses and rewards 
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Deposit Bonus, Multiple Times Over!

Experience the Dragon deposit bonus with a perpetual credit boost of up to 220 USD. Even if you lose part of your credit, a subsequent deposit will top up your credit as well up to 220 USD and you can continue enjoying the benefits of trading on negative equity.


Unlock Checkpoints for Extra Rewards

Reach trading milestones and unlock exciting checkpoints along your trading journey. Each checkpoint you pass will bring you additional 
rewards on this exciting journey.


Enter the Dragon's Lottery

Get ready for the grand finale with the Dragon's Lottery! Earn tickets through both trading and social media sharing. Earn up to 10 tickets, and amplify your chances by sharing campaign details on social media, with up to 6 additional tickets. We're giving away more than 30,000 USD to 33 lucky winners!


Enjoy Negative Equity Trading

Enjoy the flexibility of trading on credit only (applicable for MT4/MT5). In case your balance is negative, the amount is deducted from your credit, and our Axiory's Negative Balance Protection feature resets your balance to 0.

For more information, check our T&Cs.

Ready to collect the Dragon's Bonus?

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From January 2nd to March 29th, 2024

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Trading is Risky. T&Cs Apply