Invest in Your Favourite Brands

Buy the stocks of your favorite brands straight from your Axiory Alpha Account. Become a shareholder in the world’s biggest companies and invest in your future.

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Why Invest in Stocks?

It’s one thing to trade, another to invest. Are you ready to become a part-owner of some of the world’s giants? Here are a few reasons why this could be right up your alley.
Transparency From earning reports to media coverage to market indices news, stocks are well-tracked.
Dividends When a company makes profits, you get a cash bonus known as dividends.*
Solid Ownership You’re a shareholder and you actually own a piece of the company, their future is yours.
Long-Term Rewards It’s long-term and you don’t depend on the daily ups and downs of the market.

MT5 Alpha Account

Buy and sell stocks with Axiory’s investment account ‘Alpha’ on the massively successful MT5 platform. With the power of MT5 and Axiory’s dedicated Alpha account, you can seamlessly start investing in the brands you love. Investing in global companies is simpler than you think.

Open an Alpha account
Download the MT5 platform 
Buy the stocks of global giants
Own shares, get dividends
You’re now the proud owner of a global company’s share. It’s that simple.

Get MT5 Alpha Account Your Capital is at Risk.

Choose from 100+ Stocks


Trading Hours

Turn Your Consuming into an Investment

Do you love the latest tech gadgets, binge-watching Netflix, scrolling on Facebook and Instagram, or online shopping? Instead of just consuming these products and services, you can buy their stocks and become entitled to a part of their profits. Learn how you can earn from owning stocks in this video.

Invest in Stocks with the Security of a Global Multi-asset Broker

Thousands trust us, here’s why you can too.
Award-Winning Support
Always feel supported by a professional, friendly, and available team.
Reliable Funding Methods
Enjoy fast deposits and withdrawals with credible and reliable funding methods.
Segregated Accounts
Know your funds are entirely separated from Axiory’s funds.
Diversified Investment Choices
Combine your investments with CFD trading on 170+ assets.
MT5 Trading Platform
Buy stocks on the industry-leading, multi-asset platform.
10 Years of Serving Traders
We’ve been actively participating in the industry since 2011.
Solid Licensing and Regulation
Invest with a licensed and registered broker that’s got your back.
Free Education and Webinars
Treat yourself to frequent Forex webinars and a library of educational articles.

Join Axiory Your Capital is at Risk.
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