Get Verified Quickly and Easily

Don’t waste your time with admin work; follow a simple and fast process that can be completed using your smartphone. With our automated system, we can get your documents verified within hours.


Get Started Trading is Risky.

What Do You Need for the Verification Process?

You only have to present two types of documents, as required by our regulators, and for safety measures: Proof of ID and Proof of Address.  You can either scan the documents or take a photo of them with your smartphone.

Alpha-image.png Proof of identity

Upload one of the following

Driver's license

Documents must include the following:

Your photo
Full name, surname, date of birth, and address
Expiry date
All 4 corners of the document

Documents with an outdated expiry date are not accepted.


Alpha-image.png Proof of address

Upload one of the following

Utility bill - electricity, water etc.

Receipt of telephone charges - the seal of the issuer must be visible
Bank and credit card company bills - the seal of the issuer must be visible

Residence permit - the residence permit seal must be on the same page

Tax-related document

Documents must include the following:

The full address - as seen in your Axiory registration
Full name and surname
Issue date 
All 4 corners of the document

Documents older than 6 months are not accepted.

Complete the Process in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Choose the type of document you’re uploading
  2. Either upload a scanned document or take a photo of the document on the spot 
  3. To take a photo, allow access to your device’s camera (smartphone, webcam)
  4. The captured image will appear on the right side of the page, click continue
  5. Upload or take a photo of yourself in the same way you took the first photo

In some cases, the system refuses the provided documents. Here’s why:

- The image is blurry, dark, or illegible.
- The country of the issue is incompatible with your registration.
- The selected document doesn’t match the document category you chose.

Depend on the Human Element, in an Automated Process

You’ll never lose the human element with Axiory. Our support team is here for you
at every step. All you have to do is give us a call, email us or reach out on live chat.

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