Get a Free Demo Trading Account

Trade with real market conditions, optimise your account, spreads, and leverage to get a real Forex trading experience without any financial risks. When you use an Axiory demo account, you’re as close to a real trading experience as possible. 

Here’s What You’ll Get with Axiory’s Demo Account

Your demo account is flexible to your needs. You can test trading strategies, tools, platforms, and our outstanding support team, to decide if Axiory is the broker you want to trade with.
3 Platforms Try out trading with Axiory on MT4, MT5, or cTrader.
10,000 USD Trade with 10,000 virtual dollars for a real trading experience.
Customised Specs Choose your account, leverage, and more to mimic a real account.
Analysis Access daily technical and fundamental analysis.
Multiple Demos Open multiple demo accounts to test strategies.
Unlimited There’s no expiry date on your Axiory demo account!

When We Say ‘As Close to Live Trading as Possible’ We Mean It!


Get a Demo of Axiory’s Top Trading Platforms

Go ahead and figure out which platform suits you. Discover tools, charts, indicators, EA’s, and unique user experiences. This way, once you open a real trading account, you can focus on what matters: Trading.
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