Never Fall Below 0 Again

Axiory’s negative balance protection is a great tool that guarantees your account never goes into negative, and you never owe any money regardless of how the market moves.


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Negative Balance Protection

Trading comes with risks, and our job is to help you manage and minimize these risks. Risk management tools are your best friend. Negative balance is one of many ways Axiory protects you from market fluctuations. Here are other tools you get when you trade with Axiory.
Stop-Out When the margin level of your account falls below 20%, the stop out starts closing positions, and it chooses which ones based on the platform.*
Stop-Loss and Take-Profit You can set a level at which you’d like your account to automatically close - either to avoid any further loss or to take the profit you’ve made so far.
Margin Call If your account’s equity falls below 50%, the margin call will prevent you from opening new positions that your account’s equity can’t handle.

*On MT4 and MT5, positions are closed, subsequently starting from the least profitable one. On cTrader stop out partially closes positions which are taking the most margin. The position will be partially closed in the smallest possible increment needed to restore your account’s margin level to above the stop out level.

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A Few More Reasons to Choose Axiory

Thousands of traders have trusted us, and here’s why you could also make the best out of your trading journey with our platforms, trading conditions, and an entire team at your side.
FSC Regulation You can rest assured that you’re trading with a fully regulated and licensed broker.
Award-Winning Support Always feel supported by a professional, friendly, and available team.
Excellent Trading Conditions Trade with spreads starting from 0 pips, leverage up to 1:1000, minimal slippage, and more.
Reliable Funding Methods Enjoy fast deposits and withdrawals with credible and reliable funding methods.
Free Education and Webinars Treat yourself to frequent Forex webinars and a library of educational articles.
Industry-Leading Platforms Trade on the industry's best platforms for the ultimate, most helpful experience.
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