Invest in Exchange Traded Funds

Combine the benefits of investing in stocks and investing in mutual funds with ETFs. Every ETF tracks an asset or a large diverse collection of securities, but you can invest in the ETF just like investing in a stock. So, are you ready to diversify your portfolio with ETFs? 

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Invest in ETFs Your Capital is at Risk.

Why Invest in ETFs?

It’s one thing to trade, another to invest. ETFs are widely popular assets that allow you to trade dozens or hundreds of assets at a time, with one ETF.
Passive Management An ETF automatically tracks the assets held in it, making it a passively managed fund.
Lower Costs You’ll be charged the commission of one ETF instead of all the stocks held in it.
Easier Execution Get in on dozens or hundreds of assets with one transaction to buy the ETF.
Diverse Portfolio Trade a large amount of stocks that are held in one ETF, diversifying your portfolio.

MT5 Alpha Account

Buy and sell ETFs on Axiory’s MT5, the next step in the massively successful MetaTrader series. With the power of MT5 and Axiory’s Alpha account, you can seamlessly start investing in ETFs and taking advantage of a large number of assets.

 Open an Alpha account
  Download the MT5 platform 
  Buy the ETFs you want
  Own ETFs and get dividends
*Dividends are not distributed by all ETFs. 

Get MT5 Alpha Account Your Capital is at Risk.

Choose from 60+ ETFs

Trading Hours
Invest in ETFs Your Capital is at Risk.

Invest in ETFs with the Security of a Global Multi-asset Broker

Thousands have trusted us, here’s why you can too.
Segregated Accounts
Know your funds are entirely separated from Axiory’s funds.
Diversified Investment Choices
Combine your investments with CFD trading on 170+ assets.
Credible Funding Methods
Buy ETFs using international, credible funding methods.
Leading the Market for a Decade
We’ve been actively participating in the industry since 2011.
Solid Licensing and Regulation
Invest with a licensed and registered broker that’s got your back.
Free Education and Webinars
Treat yourself to frequent Forex webinars and a library of educational articles.
Multi-Lingual Support
Invest in global brands with an entire team at your side.
Industry-Leading Platforms
Trade on the industry's best platforms for the ultimate, most helpful experience.

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