Traders Edge: Market Briefing 23/08/23

In today’s Trader’s Edge Market Briefing, Tomasz has identified the following unique setups that may catch your interest:
  • EURUSD: A challenging day sees this pair recording a fresh monthly low, all eyes on the looming neckline of its triple top formation.
  • USDJPY: Settling comfortably? This currency seems right at home above the 145 support.
  • USDCHF: A breakthrough! But while the downtrend line is behind, a stubborn horizontal resistance at 0.682 awaits.
  • Indices Insight:
    • S&P500 & Dow Jones: They took a tumble, going noticeably lower.
    • NASDAQ: With ambition in its sights, it's on a mission to shatter the mid-term downtrend line.
    • DAX: After a commendable day, it's gearing up to reclaim the 15,700 points mark.
  • EURGBP: It's a month to forget. The fallout from an unsuccessful bullish drive early in the month still lingers.
  • Precious Metals: Climbing the charts, with silver shining especially bright.
  • Oil: Yesterday's bearish mood echoes the warning of a shooting star from two days prior. The market's mid-term sentiment? Bearish on oil.
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