Get Signals, Discover Ideas, Copy Trades

Get Signals, Discover Ideas, Copy Trades

Discover the simplicity of trading signals directly on your chosen platform, ready to be copied and executed on your Axiory trading account.

Discover the simplicity of trading signals directly on your chosen platform, ready to be copied and executed on your Axiory trading account.

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What are Trading Signals?

Trading Signals, MetaQuotes' official copy trading system, enables you to subscribe to signal providers and automatically copy their trades. Available on both MT4 and MT5 platforms, it offers a variety of signals for your trading needs.

Redefine the Way You Trade

Receive Signals

You can browse through thousands of signals and choose the one that fits your strategy to subscribe to. The executed trades will then be copied on your platform for you to monitor and unsubscribe whenever you want.

Automate your Trading

Transform your trading with automated trades powered by trusted signals—simplifying your strategy beyond manual methods. Access strategies through subscribed signals, eliminating constant monitoring.

*Please be aware that Trading Signals is a service provided by MetaQuotes for MetaTrader users and is not associated with Axiory. Subscription fees and payment methods are not handled by or payable to Axiory.

Start Now Trading is Risky.

The Benefits of Trading Signals

Gain valuable insights and strategies by easily copying signals from experienced traders. Discover new approaches and adopt them as your own to enhance your trading experience.
Effortless Copying Seamlessly replicate the trades of seasoned traders onto your MT4 or MT5 platform. Choose among a wide signal variety.
Learn as You Copy Acquire valuable insights and expertise from experienced traders, eliminating years of trial and error.
Enhanced Decision-Making Automated trading operates mechanically, keeping your emotions in check and enhancing your decision-making.
Simplified Trading Trading is possible without the need for complex trading knowledge, as trades are automatically executed based on signals.
Effective Risk Management Adjust trade sizes, set stop-loss levels, and diversify your portfolio to manage risk and maximize returns.
24-Hour Opportunities Automated trading ensures you don't miss out on opportunities, even when you're busy. (*Some environments may require a VPS server.)
Start Now Trading is Risky.

How it works

number-1.png Trading Account Setup

Start your trading journey with Axiory, and choose the platform that suits your trading needs. Whether it’s MT4 or MT5, you can download the platform on your device.

number-1.png Subscribe to Signals

To access signals, you will also need to create an MQL5 community account. Choose and subscribe to forex signals in your platform; you can unsubscribe anytime. Signals require a subscription fee paid to the provider.

number-1.png Monitor and Adjust

Manage signals within MT4/MT5, and watch as every move mirrors in your Axiory trading account. Adjust them as needed based on your risk tolerance.

Start Now Trading is Risky.
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