Axiory Donates BZ$10,000 to Aid COVID-19 Efforts By the Hand in Hand Ministries Non-profit Organization

Axiory Donates BZ$10,000 to Aid COVID-19 Efforts By the Hand in Hand Ministries Non-profit Organization
Axiory Global has been actively participating in COVID-19 relief efforts by collaborating with organizations who are supporting the cause. Our commitment continues and following thorough research, we’ve allocated our newest donation to the Hand in Hand Ministries Non-profit organization in Belize.

The faith based, social services organization specializes in assisting the marginalized in Belize. With recent COVID-19 restrictions, the organization is creating parcels of basic-need supplies to send on a weekly basis to fifty families in need. 


Axiory’s team jumped at the opportunity to contribute and cover the expenses for 50 families over the period of six and a half weeks at the end of which restrictions are expected to start easing.


In addition to working with Hand in Hand, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Axiory has partnered with the Julian Cho Society to assist indigenous Maya villages and is working on a new sustainable project that would continue helping those affected by COVID-19 in Belize, even after the lockdown is over. 


On May 5th Axiory Director Julia Oliva and Head of AML and Compliance Caryl Meighan personally handed over chairs and ice-boxes to the Police Department to help police officers at check-points around Belize, who are working hard to ensure everyone’s safety in the scorching heat.  


“As a company we are fully dedicated to helping the local community in every way possible and our team has been spending endless hours coming up with ways we can do more”, Oliva said, “our aim is to support charities in the ways they see fit, we trust in their expertise. At the moment we are in talks with big organizations to build sustainable projects that will continue giving, because the world will be feeling the effects of the crisis long after the state of emergency is over.”

Anyone who would like to contribute to the Hand in Hand Ministries COVID-19 efforts can do so by donating directly to the organization here.
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