Axiory Global’s CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio Receives Best CEO in the Forex Brokerage Industry Award


Axiory is happy to announce that our CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio is the recipient of the Best CEO in the Forex (FX) Brokerage Industry, from the 2020 Business Worldwide CEO Awards, for his outstanding work in the area.

Roberto, who is currently the Director and CEO of Axiory Global, has two decades of experience in Compliance and Financial Services along with many years of experience in company leadership. He’s been and continues to be involved in the set-up and management of all core processes in Axiory. This has placed him in the honorary position of receiving the coveted award, and rightfully so. 


The Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards, seek to highlight respected individuals in C-level positions who stand out due to their leadership and services in their industry. While the awards don’t focus on the success of the entire company, it goes without saying those successful individuals, elevate the status of their company with their hard and endearing work.

ith just over a year at the helm of Axiory Global, Roberto showed his true leadership in the face of a global pandemic which posed a great roadblock to many companies. With a swift plan and clear communication with team leaders, Axiory managed to stay ahead of the crisis, ensuring both clients and employees were out of harm’s way, and business continued as usual. Such challenging times expose leaders’ weaknesses and strengths, and at Axiory we were incredibly lucky to have the type of leadership that kept us safe and secure. 

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"At Axiory we've always welcomed a flexible working environment as part of our people-centric culture.  Therefore, we were able to immediately respond to the challenge, incorporating new contingency measures to ensure continuity and leveraging on our personnel being ready and used to full remote-working to comply with this. Our focus was centered on three main areas – operational stability, protecting our clients' assets, and the deployment of remote working, and I'm proud of the fact that through providing care for our community and clients, these objectives have been fulfilled," Roberto said in a statement about managing Axiory during the global lockdown. 


Roberto’s vision for Axiory has been and continues to be, fairness, transparency, and care for all stakeholders, traders being the most important.


During his time as Director and CEO, Axiory Global has grown in size, expanded to new countries, launched a new website, upgraded trading conditions and account types, introduced new instruments, continued its success during the COVID-19 lockdown, managed traders’ risk during the historic oil drop in April 2020, and plans on introducing a new trading platform as well as new asset classes in the near future. In addition, Roberto was an integral part of the creation and launch of Axiory’s independent, dedicated, news and market analysis portal, Axiory Intelligence, which is “an extension of [Axiory’s] experience in the market and the ideal complement to [its] core values”. 


As for his feelings about receiving this award, he spoke to all of us at Axiory in a short and humble statement; “This was definitely unexpected. I must share this with all those who’ve supported me in the past and, of course, with all of you guys.”