Axiory Global Continues Growth Plans for 2020 With the Launch of the Arabic Language on Our Global Website

Axiory Global Continues Growth Plans for 2020 With the Launch of the Arabic Language on Our Global Website
Following several language additions to our global website during 2020, we are happy to announce that the Arabic version of the website is now live and aimed at delivering more localized services to our customers in the GCC region and beyond.

Our team in Dubai has been working hard on localizing every aspect of our website to ensure that local traders, as well as traders from other Arabic countries, will find it easier to go through our website, services, and products in their own language. 


“Axiory is looking to enhance its presence in GCC, of course in full compliance with the laws and regulation of each country in the region, and the Arabic website is a step forward in our expansion”, said Axiory CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio. “Being consistent with our client-centric approach, we followed up on the strong demand from many of our Arabic speaking clients to have our website translated and fully functional in their native language.  This is another way to provide a fully-fledged service to our clients and allow them a full comprehension of the website contents, so they can make their decision in the most informed way.”


Axiory has had a strong presence in the GCC region with a representative office in Dubai that has served as an anchor in the area, allowing us to stay close to what’s important for local traders and connected with local trends and needs. 


“Arabic is a rich language that’s spoken in many countries, so we took the time to work with local experts who collaborated with our team in Dubai to ensure we provide the best and clearest version of the language on our website.”, said Axiory Head of Sales in the Middle East, Girish Ramkrishna Pillali “Being part of the Dubai office, we know our communication with clients and traders will enhance by leaps and bounds”. 


Since the launch of the brand new website at the start of this year, we’ve added several languages including Portuguese and Russian, Arabic has been a part of our plan to continue improving our services and enhancing our traders’ experience, from the start. 

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