Axiory Launches Axiory Intelligence: an Independent, Dedicated, News Portal

Axiory Launches Axiory Intelligence: an Independent, Dedicated, News Portal
Axiory is proud to announce the launch of our new, unique, dedicated market news portal Axiory Intelligence.

Axiory Global traders have responded brilliantly to market news and technical analysis, as well as live trading sessions letting us know exactly what they need more of; market updates. We took things to the next level with the creation and launch of an entirely new, Singapore-based market news and analysis provider that will be available to traders across the globe.

“Axiory Intelligence is more than just a news provider, it is a space created by traders for traders and this entire project orbits around this principle,” said, Roberto d’Ambrosio, Axiory CEO.


“Our brokerage, Axiory Global has always been an integral part of the trading industry and we’ve boasted a fantastic team of specialists. Axiory Intelligence is an extension of our experience in the market and the ideal complement to the core values of Axiory: fairness, transparency, care for all stakeholders, traders being the most important. Hence the decision to create an independent, unbiased team of financial markets’ experts, which will operate in a fully dedicated environment, providing the general public with unique quality content and education. We truly believe that it is our duty as market practitioners to help the industry grow in a sustainable way, and independent research and quality education is key to achieve such a goal”

The Axiory team has been tirelessly working on this project for months, using all our resources, knowledge, and experience in the industry with the help and guidance of our team of expert traders, market researchers and analysts led by Axiory Global’s very own Tomasz Wisniewski. Wisniewski has been at the helm of the brokerage’s educational efforts over the past year, and now he takes on the role of Chief Executive Officer at our new company Axiory Intelligence. 


Axiory Intelligence is based in Singapore, one of the world’s most prominent financial hubs, within close proximity of many tier-1 financial institutions. The location also puts us closer to traders in the Asian region. With Axiory Intelligence we aim to inform and educate the next generation of traders through a seamless stream of content. 


Traders, investors, and financial enthusiasts can rely on up-to-date, fast, and reliable content to stay informed on global markets. More importantly, the portal will serve as a trader’s guide for making informed decisions based on the latest news, releases, and any factors that can affect price movements.


The portal was designed with a video-first approach, meaning most of our market updates will consist of brief to lengthy videos that are easier to understand, watch, and share. 

“Most of the content is video-based because we know how busy life can get and reading articles on a daily basis isn’t always an option. Axiory Intelligence will also be presenting a large number of webinars so that viewers can interact with our trading specialists, as they learn new topics and delve deeper into the market” Axiory CMO, Dominic Poynter said. 


“Every aspect of Axiory Intelligence was designed with the trader in mind. Topics are sectioned off and grouped for easier navigation, filters allow every trader to monitor only news that’s relevant to their trades, we’ve included both brief overviews and lengthy in-depth market analysis and we plan to continue developing the interface based on the feedback we get from our traders and viewers” said, Wisniewski, Axiory Intelligence Director and CEO.


“Truly nothing is more powerful than market knowledge for a trader. Every relevant piece of information from the market forms a new trading path for the hour, day, or week ahead. We want traders to be equipped with as much power as possible” said, Wisniewski. 

A News Portal Led and Operated By a Team of Experienced Traders

Axiory Intelligence is based upon the knowledge and experience of Axiory’s team of analysts, researchers, and most importantly traders. Led by Tomasz Wisniewski, the team is made up of traders who collectively bring decades of experience in the industry to the table. 


Simply reporting news releases and market updates is not the purpose of Axiory Intelligence. This dedicated portal was created with the purpose of delivering news that’s intended for traders and can help their trading decisions. 


Our news portal will only publish unique content, prepared by our in-house team of traders. Video updates, webinars, articles, technical analyses, and many more forms of information will all be designed to cater to the needs of traders across the globe.


An Education Center to Be Added Later in the Year

Beyond helping traders with dedicated and relevant news, our team is working on an extensive education center that will become an essential part of Axiory Intelligence. 


A video-based library of educational videos is being created, in addition to multiple series of webinars and a bundle of content that will help beginners ease into the industry and provide useful information for traders of all levels. 


“Education never ends and Axiory Intelligence will start providing educational content which we plan on constantly updating to capture all angles of this complex industry.” said Wisniewski. “There’s a lot more than introductory videos to understanding online trading. For now, all I can say is that this is just the beginning of Axiory Intelligence.”


Axiory Intelligence, as an independent source of market analysis and education, is accessible to global viewers without any subscription or fees. You can head to the website and follow our social media channels for daily market updates and videos. 


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