Axiory Offering Exclusive PRO Bundle for Arabic Speaking Clients, in Collaboration with ArabicTrader

Axiory Offering Exclusive PRO Bundle for Arabic Speaking Clients, in Collaboration with ArabicTrader
We are happy to announce that we’ve begun a significant collaboration with one of the largest market news providers in the Arabic world, ArabicTrader. As a result, we are offering our traders access to ArabicTrader’s educational webinars and a PRO Bundle of trading tools.

Our presence in the GCC region is stronger than ever and we’ve seen a lot of demand from Arabic-speaking clients. As far as industry companies in the region go, ArabicTrader is by far one of the biggest and most successful, making it the perfect candidate for a collaboration that would bring the utmost value to our traders. 


Starting with a series of webinars, presented by ArabicTraders’ experts, we introduced our Arabic-speaking clients to educational webinars in their native language, which we will continue offering frequently, on different FX related topics. 


Also, we’ve integrated ArabicTraders’ exclusive PRO Bundle of trading tools into ‘MyAxiory’ client area, where traders from Arabic countries, can sign up with ArabicTrader and use their trade ideas, tech analysis, Telegram channel, and more, all provided in their native language. The PRO Bundle will be offered for free to all active Axiory traders. 


We’ve always worked hard to expand our offerings and be as inclusive as possible for all our clients all over the world, localizing our services, languages, and support teams. So, even though Axiory already offers a large number of trading tools, we decided to accommodate the needs of our clients in Arabic-speaking countries, by offering them a set of tools in their own language. 


During 2020 in our efforts to localize all our services, we’ve added multiple new languages to, including Arabic which was launched in August.


“Axiory is looking to enhance its presence in GCC, of course in full compliance with the laws and regulation of each country in the region, and the Arabic website is a step forward in our expansion”, stated Axiory CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio when we launched the Arabic language. “Being consistent with our client-centric approach, we followed up on the strong demand from many of our Arabic speaking clients to have our website translated and fully functional in their native language.  This is another way to provide a fully-fledged service to our clients and allow them a full comprehension of the website contents, so they can make their decision in the most informed way.”

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