Covid-19. A challenge We’ll Tackle Together

Covid-19. A challenge We’ll Tackle Together
Axiory’s CEO, Roberto d’Ambrosio penned an open letter to you about Axiory’s plans and procedures to protect you during the COVID-19 crisis.

Indeed, we are living through extraordinary times. The COVID-19 outbreak is spreading worldwide and severely impacting the populations and economies of many countries. In the wake of this unprecedented global crisis we are saddened to see the health and well-being of people across the globe being compromised on a daily basis. 


While health remains the number one priority it’s difficult not to acknowledge the challenges this poses to businesses and their coping mechanisms under the pressure of such an unexpected event. As a client you’re entitled to wonder if you can still rely on Axiory to deliver all the promises we have made despite everything. We are happy to inform you that we tackled the situation from the very beginning, putting our people’s and traders’ well-being at the forefront of every decision we’ve made: clients and employees alike. This is just what Axiory is, and we are proud of it.


All contingency plans have been promptly discussed and implemented at all levels. The business continuity plan has been integrated with new procedures to tackle the particular challenges that the spreading of the coronavirus is posing. 


All our processes and systems abide to the most demanding standards in terms of robustness and redundancy  providing the highest level of security, thus ensuring a flawless execution of all our procedures, trading, IT systems and services. 


We have implemented remote working on a large scale, leveraging on the readiness of our Firm, which has been developing and supporting remote working since its inception. 


We know that especially during difficult times, we need to be even closer to our clients and partners, therefore we have made sure that our support teams are there at all times to help you with any need or issue.

Furthermore, we understand that such challenging times and unusual market behaviour can be worrisome. Knowing that historically, such times have created unique trading opportunities, we will support you in analyzing the current volatility characterizing the financial markets and help you tailor your trading decisions in line with your risk appetite. Our analysis team is increasing its educational webinars with focus on the threats and opportunities arising from these markets and our technical and fundamental analysis will be available for you online to keep you updated. 


We strongly believe that we all need to be responsible and effective to face all the challenges this unprecedented issue is sending our way, on both personal and professional levels. The way we see it is our firm, employees, clients, and community share the same values. Let's all act responsibly and I’m sure we’ll overcome these troubled times together.


My best wishes and warmest regards to all of you, your families and your communities. Stay healthy and safe.

Roberto d’Ambrosio

CEO Axiory Global Ltd 

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