Upgrade to an Axiory Light User Account

A step-by-step look at how to upgrade to an Axiory Light User account through your MyAxiory client zone.

Upgrading to an Axiory Light User Account

We like to make things as simple and straightforward as possible for our traders, so that you spend less time and focus trying to figure things out and more time and focus trading. 

That’s why we designed our Light User Account onboarding process to be as quick and intuitive as possible. Once you’ve registered for an Axiory account, the only document you need to upgrade to Light User account is your verified ID. With that, you can be live trading within 5 minutes. 

To get started is log in to your MyAxiory client zone. Once you’re in, you’ll have a choice of 2 live accounts, Light and Full User. By choosing Light, all you have to do is fill out a simple registration form and upload your ID. If all goes well, you should be verified for a live Light User account in around 5 minutes.

How To Upgrade To Light Account with Axiory

Upgrading To Light, What You Should Know: 

Verification documents 

To upgrade to a Light User account, you will need an ID, proof of residency (which cannot be older than 3 months) and a photo of you as part of the verification process. 
When you submit your ID, and proof of residency, they will automatically go to our verification system which is able to extract some information from the documents to make sure they are genuine. It double-checks your name and age and in most cases the expiry date of the identification document you’ve provided. 

Funding methods

With both light and full user accounts, you’ll be able to deposit and trade with real money, but with a full user account, not only are you able to use credit/debit cards, and specific e-wallets, you’ll be able to use all the funding methods available including bank wire transfers. To review our full list of funding methods, please visit: 

Deposits and withdrawals

With a Light User account, the maximum deposit is 1000 USD total and you can withdraw profits. With a Full User account, all these limitations are removed, and you have unlimited deposits and withdrawals.
If you’re ready to start trading with a tech-savvy broker in a safe and secure trading environment, log in to MyAxiory and upgrade your account today. 

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