Your First Trade In 30 Seconds 

Learn how easy it is to place a trade in this quick video tutorial.

Your First Trade In 30 Seconds

Every trader has to start somewhere. If you’re ready to start trading, but don’t know where to begin, here’s a quick rundown on placing your first trade through MT4. The process may differ from platform to platform, but the steps are essentially the same. 

Step 1.

Choose Your Instrument

When you’re trading with Axiory you have 7 markets and hundreds of instruments to choose from across Forex, Metals, Energies, CFD Indices, CFD Stocks, Exchange Stocks and Exchange ETFs.  In the video, we’ve chosen one of the most popular currency pairs, the EURUSD. Highlight the instrument, then double click on it to select it.

Step 2.

Choose Your Volume 


This number indicates the size of your position, and it’s expressed in terms of standard lot sizes. One standard lot is worth 100,000 units. So if you want to buy 1,000 units of EURUSD or any other currency pair, you would enter “0.01” in the volume field, as shown in the video example.

Step 3.

Choose Your Stop-Loss and Take-Profit

Both Stop-Loss and Take-Profit orders are instructions from you to tell us, your broker, when to close your trades. A stop-loss tells us how much you are willing to risk with your trade. A take-profit is how much you are willing to make as a profit with one trade and close it once you’re happy with the amount.
You have got to set up a stop-loss in order to protect your money. Having a stop-loss will prevent you from having big, painful losses. 
Stop-loss and take-profit are simply unavoidable tools to use when trading. Both of these tools require studying and experience to master. Luckily, we have just the resource to get you started in our handy guide to Stop-Loss and Take-Profits orders.

Final Step.

Indicate If You’re Buying or Selling an Instrument.

This is the last step to confirm your order. Once that’s done you’ll easily be able to see your order and how much you’ve made on the trade so far. 
To learn more about trading check out all of our trading resources or sign up for one of our upcoming webinars through your MyAxiory client zone.

How to Open Your First Trade on Your Axiory Trading Account

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