Your Financial Leverage Options

The Most Tempting Element of Forex Trading

Operating with significantly higher amounts than your actual funds allow is only possible by using financial leverage and it can be very enticing. However, you should always keep in mind that leverage can lead not only to greater profits but also greater losses. That's why at Axiory we offer you a range of leverage options from as low as 1:1 to as high as 1:777 so you can choose the leverage that best suits your experience and trading style.

Benefits & Risks of Financial Leverage

The undisputable benefit of financial leverage is the possibility to gain significantly higher profits by having a bigger stake in the market. This clearly demonstrates the potential of financial leverage. However, we should not forget that leverage is a double-edged sword and where there is a higher profit there can also be a higher loss even in cases of small market movements. 

The higher the leverage the greater the effect fluctuation has on your profit/loss. This means that you can multiply your profits even from small market movements. But at the same time, you put yourself at risk of losing all deposited funds should the market move in an unexpected direction.

In order to protect you from the risks stemming from the use of financial leverage, we have implemented safeguard measures such as Margin Call, Stopout, and mainly a Negative Balance Protection feature. Due to the Negative Balance Protection, you will never lose more than your deposited balance. Should this happen, the exceeding amount will be wiped off by Axiory.

More about Negative Balance Protection

Axiory Leverage

As a client of Axiory, you can customize the amount of financial leverage applied to your account by choosing any leverage value between 1:1 and 1:777 so you can trade according to your own preference.

The Relation Between Leverage and Balance

As the risk of loss increases when higher leverage is used, this is a big area of concern for you and for us. Therefore, at Axiory, we limit leverage ratio possibilities based on the customer’s balance. Clients whose balance will exceed $100,000 will have their leverage lowered to 1:300. In order to avoid any future confusion, at Axiory, we proactively approach our clients whenever this scenario is highly probable and request the transfer of funds to another account within a 24 hour period.

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