Greenback eases ahead of CPI data.

The US dollar traded broadly lower on Tuesday, pushing the EURUSD pair above the 1.18 level again as investors anxiously anticipate today's US inflation numbers.
Annual consumer price inflation for August is forecast to decrease a notch to 5.3% from 5.4% in July, while core CPI, an index that strips out energy and food prices, is expected to ease somewhat to 4.2% from 4.3% in July. 

Both numbers remain well above the Fed's 2% target and show no signs of returning to that target, but the central bank continues to print money at a record pace anyway.

From other news, precious metals are seen sliding again, but dips are being bought. In addition, should inflation decrease somewhat, both silver and gold might start running higher again as it would ease some pressure from the Fed to start tapering this year.

Equity indices are stumbling again, with the Nasdaq 100 index down six consecutive days, dropping toward its 50-day moving average at 15,130 USD. Nevertheless, the medium-term uptrend remains intact, and reconnects with averages are needed for the bull market to stay healthy. 

On the other hand, WTI oil is up three days in a row, pushing to new one-month highs above 71 USD amid supply and demand imbalances. 

Meanwhile, there is nothing new in the rates market - the 10-year US yield remains stuck in a tight range, oscillating the 1.35% threshold. 
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