How to install MT4 on VPS step by step guide

There are only three things that are required to install MT4 on VPS and it’s quite simple. You will require an internet connection, a remote desktop connection and a VPS address and password from your broker or service provider.
The first step is to register with the brokerage that supports VPS. Once this is done you will be emailed with your log-in credentials. This includes an IP address that usually looks something like this: “” and a password that is usually “administrator”.
Once you have this information, all you will need is to open the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), which does not require any downloads. You simply need to go to your windows search tool, type in “remote” and you should see it as the first result.
This pretty much concludes the hard part of how to install MT4 on VPS. All you have to do at that point is write the IP address and password you were given by your broker and that’s it, your VPS is now live.
Once this is done, all that’s left is to open an internet browser on your RDC and download the broker’s MT4 client. Once installed and logged into, you’re ready to start trading without any issues.

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Install MT4 on VPS step by step

Although the previous paragraph explains the installation of MT4 on VPS quite extensively, let us try and dig even deeper and make sure that all of the possible questions are answered.
There are exactly 3 steps that we need to go through, so it is pretty simple. The steps are:
  • Registering with the broker
  • Opening the Remote Desktop Connection
  • Downloading MT4
Let us begin.

Step 1: Registering with the broker

The VPS for MT4 usually comes directly from the broker. Some brokers have some don’t, so it is usually a good idea to check before choosing one.
If they have it though, all it takes to get one is registering with the usual email and phone number. Once this is done, you will be emailed the IP address and password for your VPS.
Remember, the IP address is usually just 8 numbers that cannot be changed, while the password is usually “administrator” that can be changed.

Step 2: Open the Remote Desktop Connection

Once you have this information, it is time to open up the Remote Desktop Connection or RDC for short.
In order to do this, go to your Start menu by either clicking the Windows icon at the bottom-left corner of your screen or press the Windows key on your keyboard. In order to get VPS on MT4, we require a remote desktop or a completely new device and the RDC is exactly what we are looking for.
Type “remote” in the search tool of the Start menu and you should get the RDC as your first result. It has an icon of a monitor with these symbols “>” “<”.
Once you click it you will see two fields that you can write in. They’re called “Computer” and “User name”.
All you need to do is put the IP address in the “Computer” field, and your password in the “User name” field.
Once that’s done, you click “Connect” and that’s it, you are now on a Remote Desktop or a Virtual Device.

Step 3: Download & Install MT4

The RDC looks exactly like a Windows desktop without any applications. In order to install MT4 on VPS here we will need an internet connection, so make sure you have it. If you already do, then open the “Microsoft Edge” web browser, go to your broker’s website and download the MT4 software.
It will most likely go to the “downloads” folder. Find it and simply install MT4. Once done, all that is left to do is log into your trading account.
That is it. You are now trading on MT4 through VPS.

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Apply everything you’ve learnt on a real trading account with up to 1:777 leverage, negative balance protection and outstanding support.
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MT4 on VPS - key takeaways

As you can see, installing MT4 on VPS is very easy and does not require too much effort. But, it may still be a bit confusing as to why people would spend time installing it.
Well, the main advantage is that VPS gives people a faster connection. This means that the trades you open are placed with the broker a bit faster. This helps with taking advantage of price changes in the market more efficiently and sometimes leads to better payouts. But it does not decrease risk. Trading on VPS is just as risky as trading without it.
A faster connection, faster trades, a possibility for more lucrative trades.

FAQ on MT4 and VPS

What is MT4 VPS?

VPS is an abbreviation and stands for MT4 Virtual Private Server. It is pretty much as the name describes, a server that is specifically for one person. Try to imagine an apartment building. It would usually have space for dozens of families, but the apartments would be a bit small. Let us say that the average apartment is 100m²; However, depending on which floor you live on, the time before you reach your home is different.

Now, imagine that you move into a personal house. The place is much bigger at 300m² and you have immediate access from the first floor. It’s bigger, and it’s faster.

This is pretty much how the VPS works. A shared server is the apartment building, and the VPS MT4 is the personal house.

Why is VPS faster than regular connection?

The reason why MT4 VPS is so popular with traders is the fast connection. In order to explain it, let us try and bring an actual example.

Imagine that you are trading from Bangkok, but the broker is located in Dubai. When you make a trade, that information needs to travel all the way from your server in Bangkok, to the broker’s server in Dubai. Although that may take less than 1 second, it still takes time. A person trading from Dubai would have his orders processed much faster than you.

A VPS is basically like buying space very near to the broker’s server, and trading as if you were actually there. Your trades are received by the broker’s server much faster which means you get a better “connection”.

Who uses VPS when trading?

Not every trader needs FX MT4 VPS when trading, especially if they go for long trades which they close after a couple of hours or days.

The traders that usually use an MT4 VPS server are referred to as scalpers. It is a type of strategy for trading where a trader tries to buy and sell currency pairs with very small price differences. The idea of this strategy is to place as many of these trades as fast as possible, so a fast connection is very important.

It is a pretty advanced strategy, so usually, beginners try to avoid it before learning about the basics of the market.

Do I have to pay for VPS?

Yes. A Virtual Private Server is not free whether you get it from your broker or the actual server “owner”.

The prices on VPS can be very different, but usually, you can expect between $3 and $20 per month, depending on the speed, size, and various other technical details.

When it comes to MT4 VPS, it is even harder to determine which one to go for because every trader has a different strategy or a way of placing trades. The good news is that you can customize your VPS very easily.

Can I use other trading software on VPS?

Yes. An MT4 virtual server is pretty much a separate desktop, it is a virtual computer that you own. You can download, install, and run everything that you would do on your actual computer. So the pieces of software like cTrader, MT5, and all the others can easily be used with VPS as well, it is not exclusive for MT4 only.

How do I select a VPS?

Selecting a VPS server MT4 is usually very dependent on your own preferences. It will mostly require you to calculate how much power you need depending on how much you are going to use it. If you’re going to use it just for trading, then RAM, Hard disk, and CPU are not really an issue.

There’s also the question of location. If you are doing VPS trading, it is usually recommended by scalpers to get one as close to the broker’s server as possible. So if you are from Bangkok and the server is in Dubai, you would get a VPS in Dubai.

Another factor is customer support. There could be some questions or problems you may have with your MetaTrader VPS that you do not understand. Good and fast customer support could be a deciding factor in your trading success, so it is considered to be a good idea to pay close attention to it.

When it comes to the price of your MT4 VPS, most traders try to compare the price offered by the broker to the price offered by an independent company. Usually, there is a small difference, but nothing too serious.

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