Technical Analysis

EURJPY tests strong bullish trend line
Sentiment worsened on Friday, and it seems the bullish trend on this FX cross might soon come to an end. During the US session, the cross was trading half a percent weaker at around 124.80, testing the essential medium-term uptrend line.
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How high can silver go?
You must have noticed the current vertical movement in silver and in precious metals generally. Silver rose from 18 USD in July to 28 USD now, which is a 60% increase in five weeks. 
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EURUSD posting a large daily pin bar
The EURUSD pair has been rising sharply since May, and the euro touched 1.19 today before selling notably. During the US session, the EURUSD pair was trading somewhat lower on the day, completely erasing daily gains.
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Kiwi testing uptrend line
The NZDUSD pair, also known as the kiwi, has been moving sideways recently and this consolidation was welcome after the big runup earlier in the summer.
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CAC confirms the bearish breakdown
A couple of days ago, we informed you about a potentially bearish pattern in the French CAC index. It looks like this pattern was correct, and a bearish breakdown occurred, with the index dropping each day since then.
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USDJPY drops to four-month lows
The greenback continues to suffer as it has been dropping sharply over the previous days, with Monday continuing in this trend. The USDJPY pair was down half a percent during the US session, trading at four-month lows near 105.50.
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AUDJPY corrects sharply lower, what happens next?
Not so long ago, we posted a bullish analysis for the AUDJPY cross. It managed to hit our target at previous highs, but the cross stopped right there and was sold-off sharply, posting a large double top pattern.
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CAC is failing the upside breakout, starting to look bearish again
It looked like the French CAC index posted a nice bullish breakout from the consolidation triangle. All this occurred during a medium-term uptrend, which suggested the triangle pattern was only a continuation pattern in the bullish trend. 
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EURUSD at 18-mth highs
The EURUSD pair traded below the 1.16 level during the US session on Wednesday, and it hit the 18-month highs. It was seen half a percent higher today.
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Nasdaq back in the bullish regime
The good old days are back! The Tech heavy Nasdaq 100 is soaring again, and the rest of the market is falling. 
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USDJPY pair remains stuck within a tight range
As always, volatility in the FX market has been minimal on Friday, with the USDJPY pair trading flat during the US session, last seen at around 107.15.
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EURJPY grinds higher amid euro strength
The EURUSD pair continued to trade above the 1.14 threshold, which strengthened the EURJPY cross as well. It was trading nearly half a percent stronger on Thursday afternoon, seen at around 122.50.
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French CAC index forming a nice triangle pattern.
The CAC index rose on Wednesday, along with other indices, but it will probably sell-off later in the day to close the bullish gap. At the last check, it was trading at around 5,050 EUR.
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GBPJPY turns bearish as it drops below strong support
The GBPJPY cross traded weaker on Tuesday and was seen hovering near 134.40 during the US session, although it was up considerably from daily lows printed at 134.00.
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GBPUSD having troubles with 1.2670 resistance
The GBPUSD pair was flat on Monday and was seen trading at around 1.2615 during the US session as the pound is having some serious difficulties getting above the strong resistance of 1.2670.
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Is EURAUD getting ready to fly?
The EURAUD cross has been consolidating over the previous days, and it seems stuck in a narrow range since July. On Friday, it was trading 0.4% higher during the US session, last seen at around 1.62650.
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Gold soars above 1,800 for the first time since 2011
As dollar dumped, gold jumped. That was the story on Wednesday as traders sold the US dollar (the EURUSD pair returned above 1.13), and they bought gold with both hands
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FTSE halts its decline near previous lows
The FTSE index declined 1% on Thursday, but managed to recover slightly ahead of the US session as other indices were seen rising again.
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EURUSD retesting broken downtrend line
The EURUSD pair was trading down 0.3% on Tuesday, and it was seen at around 1.1280 at the time of writing. 
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SP500 rallies above previous highs
The SP500 index, along with other indices, rallied sharply during the Asian session and it was trading 1.5% stronger ahead of the US opening bell. 
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EURUSD sold at bearish trend line
The EURUSD pair started to rally today, but it failed to breach the strong bearish trend line from June's highs, which leaves the intraday outlook neutral. Shortly after the US opening bell, the pair was only marginally higher on the day, hovering at around 1.1260.
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Silver fails at previous highs 
As stocks rose, precious metals were pummeled and both gold and silver turned lower during the US session on Wednesday. Silver was down 1.5%, trading near 17.95 USD at the time of writing.
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NZDUSD defends previous lows
The New Zealand dollar, also known as the Kiwi, was trading flattish during the US session, but it managed to erase today's losses suffered earlier in the day. At the last check, the pair was trading at around 0.6440.
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AUDJPY forming a nice triangle pattern
The AUDJPY cross was trading somewhat higher on Tuesday and was seen hovering at around 73.65 during the US session. 
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AUDJPY remains within a triangle formation
The AUDJPY cross is usually a good barometer of the risk on/off trading in the financial markets and it has been stuck in a consolidation pattern for some weeks now. On Friday, the cross was seen ticking lower during the EU Session and was trading at around 73.60.
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FTSE under pressure on Thursday
Wednesday was a negative day for equities as investors sold risk assets, and Thursday seems to continue in the bearish trend. The FTSE 100 index was down 0.7% during the London session, trading at around 6,090 GBP.
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GBPJPY defending major uptrend line
The GBPJPY cross rallied on Monday and Tuesday as sentiment improved and it was trading somewhat higher on Wednesday, hovering at around 133.50 in the morning.
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WTI oil testing 200-day moving average
The price of oil has been moving higher in tandem with stocks, and on Tuesday, it was seen another 1% higher during the Frankfurt session.
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DAX climbs back above important support
Equity markets started with a bearish gap on Sunday evening, but that was quickly closed, and optimism returned, with EU and US indices futures rising circa 1% during the London session on Monday. 
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Is silver getting ready for a big move?
The price of silver has been consolidating since late May, and it has moved sideways most of the time. On Friday, the precious metal was seen 1% higher in the morning EU session, trading at around 17.50 USD.
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Oil defending steep uptrend line
The price of oil has been consolidating recently. The WTI benchmark has been trading at around 37 USD for the better part of June.
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Nasdaq index trying to jump above 10k again
The rally from Monday's lows has been impressive and the Nasdaq 100 index is trying to continue in its bullish tracks, trying to get back above the important 10,000 USD level.
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Footsie posts a bullish reversal
Monday's large bullish reversal in the stock markets was really impressive and equities erased sharp intraday losses to close the day notably higher. 
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GBPJPY cross with a nice bullish divergence
The Asian session on Monday started negative for risk-on assets, and a steep sell-off occurred. However, the EU session is beginning to look a bit more positive as the dip has been bought (at least for now). The GBPJPY cross is currently trading unchanged on the day at around 134.50.
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USDJPY's decline halted at key support
Yesterday's huge decline in the equity markets failed to spark any strong selling in the USDJPY pair and it declined only mildly. On Friday, it was up 0.3%, trading at around 107.20 during the EU session.
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SP500 down sharply as Fed disappoints
Equities sold-off sharply on Wednesday and Thursday and the SP500 index was down 1.8% during the Frankfurt session on Thursday as it seems that yesterday's FOMC meeting was not dovish enough, which disappointed market participants.
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AUDJPY forming a head and shoulders pattern
The risk sentiment appears to be rebounding on Wednesday, ahead of the FOMC meeting, and the AUDJPY cross was trading slightly higher on the day, hovering at around 75.00.
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EURJPY about to retest the broken bearish trend line
The EURJPY cross managed to rise above the long-term bearish trend line, but traders took some profits from the recent rally (mainly in the USDJPY pair),
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Is GBPAUD starting to look bullish?
The GBPAUD cross has been falling nonstop for many weeks. However, it looks like it might have found its bottom (at least from the short-term perspective) as there are a couple of bullish signals on the chart right now. 
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Gold remains stuck in narrow range
Volatility has been lower recently and gold has been consolidating over the previous days. On Friday, the metal was trading half a percent lower on the day, hovering at around 1,705 USD.
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EURAUD cancels immediate bearish trend
The EURAUD cross was trading somewhat higher on Thursday and was seen near 1.6260 during the Frankfurt session as the bearish momentum seems to be waning.
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GBPJPY trades in a steep upward trend
The Japanese Yen has been under severe selling pressure during this week and the USDJPY pair gained 200 pips on Tuesday, with the bullish momentum in JPY crosses continuing on Wednesday as well.
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GBPUSD: Cable Spikes Toward 200EMA
The GBPUSD pair, also known as the cable, has been rising steadily over the previous days and it was up 0.35% during the London session on Tuesday, changing hands at around 1.2530, which are one-month highs for the Pound.
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EURUSD at major resistance
The greenback continues to decline broadly, and it looks like investors are finally starting to price in the vast money printing by the Fed. On Monday, the EURUSD pair was up half a percent, trading at around 1.1140.
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NZDUSD starting to look bullish again
The greenback came under broad selling pressure this week and the NZDUSD pair capitalized on it, having broken above the critical resistance of 0.62.
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Silver consolidating below strong resistance
Silver managed to stage a nice bullish reversal on Wednesday, which might push the price further higher today. During the Frankfurt session, it was seen half a percent higher on the day, changing hands at around 17.36 USD.
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EURAUD drops below significant support
As sentiment improved, the Aussie has been bid, and the EURAUD cross is now seen at three-month lows, trading at around 1.6500.
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GBPUSD pair spikes above significant resistance
Tuesday brought with it an anti-dollar mood, and the greenback suffered against other major currencies. The EURUSD pair was up 0.6%, while the GBPUSD pair advanced 140 pips, or 1.4%, during the London session.
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SP500 index stuck at previous highs, again
The SP500 index was 0.3% higher during the London session on Monday and was seen trading near 2,970 USD, where the key resistance zone is located. 
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GBPJPY fails at strong resistance again
The GBPJPY failed to post a bullish break through a strong resistance and was brought lower by the worsening sentiment. 
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EURUSD fails at 1.10 again
The latest rally brought the EURUSD pair to the 1.10 threshold, but bulls failed to breach this critical resistance again, and the euro was down 0.3% on Thursday, trading at around 1.0950.
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CAC stalls at previous highs
The French CAC index dropped on Tuesday and erased nearly half of the big Monday's rally. On Wednesday, it was trying to push higher again and was seen half a percent stronger during the EU session.
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AUDUSD pair marches toward 200-day moving average
The US dollar has come under severe selling pressure on Monday as the Fed reiterated its ultra dovish stance, and the AUDUSD pair rose nearly 2% on Monday.
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EURRUB forming a nice triangle formation
The EURRUB cross has been falling slowly over the previous days, despite the poor coronavirus situation in Russia.
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SP500 having some issues with maintaining the uptrend
The SP500 index was down for three days yesterday, but late-day ramp pushed the index into positive territory. Thursday's candle now looks like some reversal bar. On Friday morning, equities were consolidating, and the SP500 index was flattish, with only minimal volatility during the Asian session.
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EURJPY tests major support
As sentiment worsened over the previous days, the Yen strengthened broadly and the EURJPY cross dropped 150 pips from this week's highs. On Thursday, it was down 0.3% during the London session, trading at around 115.50.
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Silver consolidating above 15 USD
The price of silver has been moving sideways after the early May's rally, and it looks like silver is consolidating before another leg higher.
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DAX remains above uptrend line
EU indices were trading slightly lower on Tuesday, but the German DAX managed to stay above the short-term bullish trend line, thus defending the uptrend so far. During the EU session, the DAX was half a percent weaker, trading at around 10,830 EUR.
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SP500 index declines on Monday
The SP500 index erased the overnight losses and was trading half a percent weaker during the EU session, last seen at around 2,925 USD.
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Gold slips to significant support again
The precious metal declined over the previous days as the US dollar strengthened (for whatever reason), and the bullion was trading at around 1,686 USD on Thursday morning. 
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EURAUD forming a double bottom pattern
The EURAUD cross has been volatile in May so far, and the initial rally was nearly wholly erased. On Wednesday, the EURAUD cross was seen somewhat lower at the time of writing, changing hands at around 1.6810.
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USDJPY remains below strong resistance
The greenback dipped against the yen but managed to strengthen against the Euro over the previous days. On Tuesday, the USDJPY pair was trading somewhat lower on the day, hovering at around 106.70.
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SPX Index defends 50% retracement level
The SP500 index opened with a bearish gap on late Sunday, but it managed to rally since then, and the index entirely erased the gap, only to turn lower again shortly after. 
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EURUSD jumps toward 1.10
The EURUSD pair rose notably on Thursday and it was seen consolidating on Friday, with the euro trading at around 1.0960 against the US dollar.
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Nasdaq marching toward all-time highs.
Wednesday was a very, very bullish day for the Nasdaq index, and technological stocks rallied 5% after Gilead Science said the Remdesivir drug is looking promising.
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EURJPY testing April lows
The euro continues to decline against the yen and on Wednesday, the price dropped to last week's lows of 115.50 as the Japanese yen strengthened notably against the greenback. 
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Gold under pressure on Tuesday
As the US dollar suddenly surged (for whatever reason), precious metals took a beating on Tuesday, and both gold and silver were trading lower during the London session.
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USDJPY pair testing strong support again
The greenback came under pressure on Monday, and it was trading broadly lower, with the USDJPY pair losing 0.3% during the London session, changing hands at around 107.20.
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GBPJPY signaling a bearish breakdown
The GBPJPY cross has been consolidating recently, but Friday's sell-off might push it below the short-term uptrend line, which could mean the bearish trend is about to resume.
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The CAD May Present The Biggest Trading Opportunity Following WTI Futures Historic Crash!
Cries were heard in every corner of the globe as the news of the WTI crude oil futures crash spread. Now that we’ve managed to digest this unprecedented event, traders have to get back into action and make their next move but trading on oil is extremely risky in the face of extraordinary volatility.
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GBPUSD dropping to some strong support
Sterling decline over the previous days, although losses were not dramatic. On Tuesday, the GBPUSD pair was trading 0.3% weaker, changing hands at around 1.24.
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What's going on with gold?
The bullion posted fresh seven-year highs a couple of days ago, but since then, it has been slowly drifting lower as traders took some profits from the recent strong rally. On Monday, the precious metal was trading half a percent weaker, hovering at around 1,675 USD.
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SP500 index soars above another key resistance
Another day, another bullish run. US equities are ignoring all the worrying economic and fundamental data and are soaring each day. On Friday, the SP500 index was trading more than 1% higher during the Frankfurt session, hovering at around 2,865 USD.
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FTSE 100 index lacks momentum but looks bullish
The Footsie index was trading half a percent higher on Thursday, underperforming under EU/US indices, and it seems to be lacking upside momentum.
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US oil trying to defend the 20 USD threshold
Oil is down another 2% on Wednesday, and the WTI benchmark is trading at around the essential 20 USD level.
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Silver at one-month highs
As the Fed has been printing massive amounts of money into the financial markets, precious metals (and stocks) rallied strongly. It looks like the bottoms are in and a sharp inflationary environment is about to hit the world. 
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DAX continues in its bullish tracks
As we noted during the previous week, the German index DAX was consolidating in a narrow range and it looked like a bullish breakout was imminent. This really occurred and the DAX index soared another 500 points after the breakout.
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SP500 posts a nice head and shoulders pattern
The SP500 index declined on Tuesday, and it was a sharp drop from daily highs as the index cratered some 4% to post a strong daily bearish pin bar. 
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EURUSD starts to rocket higher as very high US inflation nears
Gold and silver are soaring; US equities are roaring higher two or three times more as it looks like there won't be a recession, and the US economy will return to growth in the second half of the year. Perfect, as if nothing happened.
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Silver testing key resistance
Silver took a pause in its strong rally and consolidated for many days, but this phase looks to be over, and the metal is heading higher again. 
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DAX consolidates in a sideways channel
The early morning pressure on the DAX index eased quickly and it accelerated higher during the London session, having erased nearly the whole daily loss. It was trading at around 9,550 EUR at the last check.
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GBPUSD consolidates, upside breakout likely soon
The GBPUSD pair rose ten big figures from its March lows and has been trading at around 1.24 for a couple of days now. 
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Is Dow Jones going to fall again?
It was the fastest bear market in history. Then, it was the quickest bull market in history. What happens now?
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EURUSD tests 1.10 handle again
The greenback continues to strengthen again and the EURUSD pair was down 0.5% on Tuesday, testing the psychological level of 1.10 to the downside. 
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Silver posts a bearish breakdown from a consolidation pattern
Last week's silver rally was impressive, and the metal rose circa 15%. However, this still looks like a bear market corrective rally, and the long-term trend points to further possible downside pressure.
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DAX is trying to break above the 10,000 level
It has been a very bullish week for the German DAX index as the German regulator Bafin banned short-selling. DAX is now 20% higher on the week and is trying to break above the critical psychological level of 10,000 EUR.
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USDJPY pair forming a bearish wedge pattern
The USDJPY pair has been moving sideways over the previous days and consolidated after the sizeable bullish move earlier in March.
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SP500 rebounds strongly
Tuesday was one of the best days for equities in the history of the stock market, and US benchmarks rose +-10%, erasing three days of losses. On Wednesday, the index was 2% higher during the London session, trying to settle above the 2,500 USD threshold.
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WTI oil - is the worst over?
It seems like the worst could be over for now. The WTI oil was trading another 4% higher on Tuesday, following a healthy gain on Monday, and the benchmark was seen at around 25.00 USD during the London session.
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Nasdaq soars after Fed's action but fails to hold gains
The Fed has just announced an unlimited quantitative easing program, + the central bank will now be able to buy corporate, muni, and agency debt (for the first time).
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GBPUSD soars in a short-covering rally
The GBPUSD pair rocketed higher on Friday and was seen more than 3% higher during the London session, trading at around 1.1850. These massive movements are becoming a new normal as volatility continues to be extremely elevated, and the whole is buying the US dollars everywhere.
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DAX nears vital support area
The German index is down 40% from its all-time highs reached just three weeks ago, and it continues to decline as the coronavirus situation is getting worse instead of better.
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Gold volatile and trend uncertain
Gold used to be a safe-haven asset. Not during this crisis. The initial spike higher was quickly erased as investors are selling everything due to a shortage of US dollar liquidity, and cash is king, as during any crisis.
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Silver trades at 11-year lows
As the economic depression is nearing, industrial commodities, such as oil or silver, are cratering nearly every day. Silver is down 35% from its highs reached three weeks ago. On Wednesday, it was trading 2.5% weaker as well, hovering at around 12.30 USD.
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SP500 in a bearish trend
The benchmark US index is in a bearish trend (defined as a 20% drop from the recent cycle highs) and is trying to defend the critical bullish trend line from 2009 lows.
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GBPUSD tests critical support
As the demand for the US dollar soars, the GBPUSD pair is moving down, really sharply. The GBPUSD pair is down nearly 8% from its March highs reached ten days ago. On Tuesday, sterling was another 0.5% weaker during the London session, trading at around 1.22.
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FTSE Index falls to 10-year lows
It was another brutal day for equities, and the FTSE 100 index declined 10% during the London session as investors sold stocks despite the Fed cutting rates to 0% and launching a massive QE program.
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Bitcoin crashes with the rest of the market
Many people claimed that cryptocurrencies would be the new safe-haven asset. As we can see, they could not be farther from the truth. 
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DAX craters to almost four-year lows
German stocks are cratering again on Thursday, and the index is down 5% during the EU session, trading at around 9,840 EUR, which are levels last seen in the summer of 2016. 
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GBPUSD: Sterling surges despite a massive rate cut
The British pound was trading in green during the early London session, having erased today's losses, and the GBPUSD pair was up 0.35%, changing hands at around 1.2950 at the time of writing.
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SPX finally rises, tests strong resistance
Equities reversed their direction on Tuesday and rocketed higher, with EU indices up 7%, erasing more than 50% of yesterday's losses. In comparison, US benchmarks were 5% stronger, also wiping more than 50% of Monday's decline. 
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DAX craters 10% in worst decline since Brexit referendum
The combination of the coronavirus and Saudi oil war has sent stocks sharply lower, with EU benchmarks losing 8-10% and US equity futures were halted.
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USDJPY tanks as yields continue to crater
The USDJPY pair was offered again on Friday and continues to decline vertically as the virus panic spreads further, but unfortunately, so does the virus. The USDJPY pair was down 0.35% during the morning session on Friday, trading at 105.80, which are seven-month lows for the pair. 
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Gold above strong supports but significant resistance looms
The bullion held its post-Fed gains and consolidated on Wednesday, but on Thursday, it ticked higher again as equities gave up some of their profits. During the London session, gold was trading half a percent stronger, seen at around 1,645 USD.
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SP500: Is the decline over?
It looks like the situation is coming under control, and yesterday, the SP500 index managed to defend the short-term uptrend line, which confirmed that the index doesn't want to go lower. At least for now.
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AUDUSD Rises Despite RBA Cutting Rates, Turning Dovish
The Australian dollar was trading 0.25% higher during the EU session on Tuesday, and the AUDUSD pair was spotted at around 0.6560 as bulls bought the Aussie despite the RBA cutting rates to historic lows and saying more cuts are coming.
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GBPUSD Testing Major Support
The pound continued to fall on Monday and the GBPUSD pair, also known as the cable, was trading half a percent weaker during the Frankfurt session, hovering at around 1.2760.
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Dow Continues to Plunge, Tests Another Significant Support
As the virus outbreak is reaching pandemic levels, traders are running from equities, and main benchmarks have experienced the worst week since the financial crisis in 2008 as nearly all of the indices are down circa 15% on the week.
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Gold Forms Falling Wedge Pattern but Lacks Bullish Momentum
As mentioned yesterday on our Facebook page, the bullion managed to form a nice falling wedge pattern, which is usually a bullish formation.
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FTSE 100 index lacks momentum but looks bullish
The Footsie index was trading half a percent higher on Thursday, underperforming under EU/US indices, and it seems to be lacking upside momentum.
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The CAD May Present The Biggest Trading Opportunity Following WTI Futures Historic Crash!
Cries were heard in every corner of the globe as the news of the WTI crude oil futures crash spread. Now that we’ve managed to digest this unprecedented event, traders have to get back into action and make their next move but trading on oil is extremely risky in the face of extraordinary volatility.
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