Axiory Wins “Most Competitive Broker Award 2022”, at the Global Forex Awards

Axiory Wins “Most Competitive Broker Award 2022”, at the Global Forex Awards
We are excited to announce that Axiory has won the Most Competitive Forex Broker award from the Global Forex Awards 2022.

This coveted award goes to companies recognised for placing their client's needs first. 

We’re honoured to receive this award from Global Forex Awards, a global competition that champions innovative Forex companies that provide cutting-edge solutions for global traders. 

Much like Axiory, Global Forex Awards values the trader/broker relationship and have built a solid bridge between them by including traders in the recognition which brokers receive.

We’re especially proud of this award because it symbolises our ability to deliver on our promises to our clients and create the best experience for them on the market. 

“We are pleased that the industry media, our peers, and the traders’ community are recognising our efforts to create a client-focused environment and a collaborative, supporting relationship with all our stakeholders. This award recognises our efforts and confirms that we are heading in the right direction” said Axiory Director, Roberto d'Ambrosio.

We are grateful for the spectacular traders who have chosen to trust us and be part of our family. Thank you for your time, loyalty, and in many cases, your votes. This win is thanks to you and the faith you’ve put in us as a broker and partner. We promise to keep working hard in the coming years and always look out for your best interest.

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