Introducing MyAxiory App for iOS, loaded with ApplePay and much more!

Introducing MyAxiory App for iOS, loaded with ApplePay and much more!
Our MyAxiory App is the ultimate solution that allows you to access your Axiory accounts from your Apple device with ease, giving you the flexibility to manage your trades from anywhere.

Since its launch in November, our team has been working hard to add new and exciting features to the app, ensuring that traders have access to the latest tools and technologies for successful trading.

ApplePay is now available, allowing traders to quickly and easily fund their accounts whenever they need to. This new feature is a direct result of our commitment to listening to our clients' needs and demands. We're proud to have successfully implemented ApplePay and look forward to providing our clients with an even smoother trading experience.

With the MyAxiory App, you can open new accounts, manage your preferences, make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and even chat with support. It's all at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to stay in control of your trades and make informed decisions.

“Another milestone for Axiory's operations has been achieved. In our bottom up approach to define our product and service development strategy, we carefully listen to the needs and demands of our clients, and ApplePay was definitely something that aligns with the habits of our traders, allowing them to promptly fund their account whenever they need to do so.” said Roberto d’Ambrosio, Director of Axiory, “A demanding process, but we are happy we have been able to implement the feature and make its use seamless to our Clients.”

Download the MyAxiory App on your iOS device and take your trading to the next level.

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