Please Be Aware of Fraudulent Website That Has Copied Axiory

Please Be Aware of Fraudulent Website That Has Copied Axiory
It has come to our attention that a fraudulent website has been operating under a copy of our website, branding, and content.

The clone website goes by the brand name USDC Global Limited and the URL is

For more than ten years, Axiory has remained ethical and dedicated to putting clients first.

Traders’ safety is our main concern and we confirm that we are not associated with nor related to this clone website. 

We’d like to warn our clients and all traders to avoid it, and the brand entirely. By using their services you are risking your funds and potentially your personal information being stolen.

The website uses the majority of Axiory Global’s information, services, slogan, management team, with our old branding, having copied our previous website. Contact information has been switched to their emails, and login leads to their own form. 

We have taken action with the respective authorities, including our regulator, the police, domain hosters, and other institutions, to find a solution that would protect traders as well as our company’s brand. 

In the meantime, our support team is always available to help you. If you believe that you’ve registered with or have been contacted by the website we’ve mentioned, please contact us immediately. 


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