The New Fresh, Vibrant, and Colourful Is Live

The New Fresh, Vibrant, and Colourful Is Live
Welcome to the brand new As we venture into our second decade of serving you, we've rebranded to better reflect the multi-asset brokerage we've become.

The new brand reflects our forward-thinking approach to finance, trading, and investments. It is designed to give you a more effortless and user-friendly experience as you navigate through the many products and services we offer.

With all the change, our promise stays the same: to always put you first, support you, and give you fair access to the global markets 

Trade Better Together: A New Tagline Inspired by You

Say hello to our brand new tagline. After all, it was inspired by you. Who we are and what we offer is nothing without you, the dedicated, ambitious, and excited trader. You are everything we stand for, and together we’ve always been better. 

With Axiory, you’re never alone. Our mentors and support teams are always by your side. You’re connected to us and the trading community we’ve established over the last decade. 

Together we build solid trading foundations, together we move forward stronger, together we take our shared love of trading to the next level. Together we trade better. 

Fresh Vibrant Colours To Reflect Our Evolution

Purple has always been our dominant colour. Now we’re refreshing our look with shades of purple mixed with yellow, black, and green, with gradient variations. Why? Because finance is no longer a box of dusty papers in a backroom or a smoke-filled trading floor, finance is on every person’s smartphone. An app allows access to hundreds of assets, and a few clicks are all it takes to make an investment on the go. Here we are in 2021, and finance is a fresh, vibrant industry, available for everyone. 

An Even More Human Approach To Bring Us Closer

From day one, we’ve put you first and designed everything to make your experience more pleasant. Our new brand is even more connected, intuitive, and human. We explained everything simply, and you never need more than a few clicks for any action. We want you to feel like you’re in the room with us. The entire website is easier to navigate on both desktop and mobile. 

More Products, More Education, More Axiory 

You now have access to hundreds of assets, including both CFD and exchange-listed products. You can trade on the price movements of CFDs such as currencies and gold, and buy shares of world-renowned brands like Apple and Amazon, all from one account.

With Axiory, you can build a financial portfolio that includes hundreds of CFDs, exchange-listed stocks, and exchange-traded funds, with many more to come. 

While you’re doing that, you’ll be able to attend webinars with trading experts and trained mentors on an almost weekly basis. Your access to education is unlimited and ever-growing. Over the last two years, our webinars have more than doubled, our educational library has vastly expanded, and we’ve put together countless trading events. In fact, you now have an entire dedicated website to market news and education, Axiory Intelligence.

Ten Years of Serving Traders Reflected in One Wholesome Website

We celebrated our tenth anniversary at the start of the year, and now we’re heading towards our 11th. Our story was written by endless days of work, late-night chats, travels, and team members who have become a family. It was written by young traders who carved their path to becoming professionals, by webinar attendees from across the world, seminars, and countless events that brought us face to face with you. We’ve expanded our team, and our reach to better serve you in your language and through your own culture. Our story is an open book that you can explore to better understand who we are. See our story.

From This Point Onward, We’re Building Our Future Together

With our new website and new brand, we break through any boundaries between us. We’ll tackle the future as a team; our expertise in the industry and hard work, along with your feedback, and requests will continue to pave the way for change. 

The past ten years have been a series of developments, upgrades, and changes with the times. Today is the future we aspired to reach, and here we are, still strong, still moving forward, still together.

Help us celebrate the new era of Axiory by touring the brand new

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