We're Changing RUB Pairs to 'Close Only' on All Platforms

We're Changing RUB Pairs to 'Close Only' on All Platforms
Russia’s special military forces in Ukraine can affect the markets, but we’re here with you. It’s been a heated morning with Russia launching its Attack on Ukraine.

Political tension can lead to highly volatile markets, so we strongly urge you to trade cautiously and be prepared for unexpected movements.

RUB pairs are facing liquidity constraints due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, so starting from 12:00 GMT today we are going to set trading RUB to close-only on all our platforms. That means you will only be able to close any open positions you have but you will not be able to open new ones and in the case of emergency any open positions may be closed without notice.

The latest developments surrounding Russia and Ukraine can affect all asset classes and potentially lead to wider spreads and larger slippage. No matter what you’re trading or what strategy you’re following, keep your risk management in check, and be mindful of your account balance and margin requirements, to keep your positions open. 

Remember that with Axiory you have full negative balance protection, so in the case, your account drops below zero, we will cover any additional losses so you don’t have to. You can also take advantage of the trading tools we provide you with to strengthen your strategy and positions. 

Unstable times may affect the markets, but we’re here with you, and we will take every measure to minimize unnecessary risk where possible. 

If you still have questions or any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to help.

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