Stock of the day: Texas Instruments

Stock of the day: Texas Instruments
Today, let's quickly revisit Texas Instruments, which we analyzed on the 4th of July. Back then, despite the market being closed, we anticipated future movements, predicting a breakout from the triangle pattern. Indeed, on the 5th of July, the price attempted to break out, but it wasn't until this Monday that we saw a definitive breakout above the upper line of the triangle.

Since then, Texas Instruments has been on a strong upward trajectory. After a minor correction on Tuesday, yesterday's session was bullish, with the price climbing steadily and reaching new long-term highs. This confirms a robust long-term buy signal for Texas Instruments, which remains valid as long as the price stays above the triangle.

This bullish momentum is a promising sign for investors, indicating continued strength and potential for further gains in the coming sessions. Keep an eye on this stock as it continues to perform well.

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