Axiory Global Collaborates with Autochartist to Bring You a New Series of Educational Webinars

Axiory Global Collaborates with Autochartist to Bring You a New Series of Educational Webinars
We are very excited to announce our collaboration with one of the leading technical analysis companies in the industry, Autochartist. The company which offers the excellent MT4 plugin tool, that Axiory traders can access for free, will collaborate with us for a series of webinars led by the company’s own CEO, Ilan Azbel.

The first webinar successfully took place on August 25, where traders were treated to a tour of Autochartist and insights about the technical analysis tool, from its own CEO who’s been at the helm of the company for close to a decade. 


“Autochartist is a leading technical analysis tool because it offers in-depth and accurate insights into the market, all the while remaining user-friendly and easy to navigate”, commented Axiory Global Head of Marketing, Dominic Poynter. 


“We’ve seen an increased interest in the tool from our traders, and after several productive meetings with Autochartist, and Ilan himself, we arrived at the decision that traders want to, but also need to master this tool to improve their success ratio with Axiory”.


Axiory has offered Autochartist for free to all our live traders, as well as demo account traders, since its inception. Seeing the value that Autochartist offers traders, adding it to our list of trading tools was a no-brainer. It’s been a big hit among traders, helping them identify trading opportunities, and trading patterns such as Fibonacci patterns, chart patterns, volatility analysis, and more. 


The next step after our ‘How to Use Autochartist’ explainer videos, was naturally to bring our traders even closer to the source and help them learn from the very best. 


"Education and a profound understanding of the trading process is an absolutely vital component of trading success. So, I am delighted that Axiory has allowed me to pass on over 20 years of financial market knowledge to its customers through this webinar series," said Azbel.


The Autochartist webinar series could not come at a better time, as we look ahead to the US Election, taking place on November 3. We encourage our traders to take the time to master Autochartist tools, which can help them utilize trading opportunities in upcoming volatile markets. 


Anyone who missed the first webinar can view it here. All traders are welcome to join our upcoming Autochartist webinars for free. To stay updated on webinars, you can open a demo account, and access MyAxiory, where you can find our many upcoming webinars, including our ‘Get-US-Election-Ready’ series. 

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