Axiory Global, Pioneering New Products, Designed to Combat Negative Oil Prices

Axiory Global, Pioneering New Products, Designed to Combat Negative Oil Prices
Last month, we witnessed a historic crash when West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil, May futures contracts, dropped below $0 for the first time. At Axiory Global we sprung into action, disabling trading on WTI because of exceptionally high volatility and adding Brent Crude Oil to our assets.

As the world enters a new era in oil trading we are happy to introduce two brand new products, especially designed to combat negative oil prices: the US Oil Index and the UK Oil Index

The US Oil Index and the UK Oil Index are rebased at $100. This means if the price of oil drops into negative territory, the indices will remain $100 higher. For example, if Brent oil drops to $-5, the UK Oil Index will trade at $95.

Both products are independent tradable instruments, but their price movements are linked to the movement of oil prices + $100. This means that their price movement can be analyzed the same way as a trader would analyze oil, using the same fundamental and technical indicators in order to open and close positions.

Axiory CEO, Roberto d’Ambrosio gave an exclusive interview with Finance Magnates which has been covering the launch of these industry-first products. “Being an index and not a future it will have more smooth behaviour – still with a lot of volatility when this will happen during the settlement – but without the incredible impact it could have if the product was based directly on the future expiring the day that you have to roll it over,” he said.

All Axiory risk management tools are applicable on the US Oil Index and UK Oil Index. Negative balance protection, stop loss and take profit, autochartist and Axiory Strike Indicator. The indices are available on all account types and on both MT4 and cTrader platforms. 


As the market evolves so does trading, and at Axiory we put you first and ensure you always have access to the newest and best ways to enhance your trading experience.

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