Celebrate 10 Years of Axiory with a Year of Surprises, Starting with a 50% Bonus

Celebrate 10 Years of Axiory with a Year of Surprises, Starting with a 50% Bonus
Can you believe it’s been 10 years? So much has happened over the last decade and it’s all thanks to you. It all started with a dream to create a broker that offers fair and equal opportunities for traders around the world, and with your trust and loyalty, we’ve grown into a multi-asset brokerage, that helps you succeed in online trading and beyond.

Standing still is synonymous with moving backward in the trading industry. If you’ve been our client then you’ll know that with Axiory your benefits have only grown over the last 10 years. Let’s take a quick walk down memory lane to celebrate 10 years of traders. 


Your account’s been upgraded… again

You’ve chosen your account, you’re happily trading, and you receive an email that your account conditions have been improved, splendid. This often happens when you trade with Axiory. We’ve slashed commission, increased leverage, lowered the minimum deposit, and introduced countless new products. 


We speak your language 

You may have noticed that we keep adding new languages to Axiory, and if you’re living where we can service and your language hasn’t been added yet, it will soon, we promise. So far you can visit Axiory.com in Russian, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Spanish


Hello Dubai! You’ve got a local Axiory team

If you live in Dubai or close by, you’ll know that we’ve been closer to you since 2018. Our local team has been listening to your needs and adjusting our plans based on your culture and trends. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and planning things for you. We’re looking forward to seeing you as soon as the lockdowns ease.


It’s raining awards

Our achievements are your achievements and together we’ve received many flattering awards. Of course, our favorite is ‘Best Customer Centric Forex Brand  2020’ from Global Brands Magazine. Our identity, success, and 10 years in the market are all thanks to you. 


You’ve got an independent, dedicated market news portal

You're now privy to an independent, dedicated market news portal, Axiory Intelligence. In the midst of a global pandemic, Axiory worked hard to manifest a space created by traders for traders. Axiory Intelligence is an extension of our experience in the market and it provides you with unique, quality content and education.


How about the 2020 US election?

If you were following the 2020 US election between Trump and Biden, then you know it was a very interesting time for traders. We surely hope the market commentary, news updates, and of course the US election webinar series were helpful for you. The next election in 2024 might be a Trump VS Biden Deja Vu, so stay calm and stay with Axiory.


Together we made it through a pandemic

2020 was a challenging year, to say the least. Your loyalty and our fast-thinking proved that we can get through anything. You enjoyed seamless trading and uninterrupted services while we all worked and traded from the safety of our homes. We even helped relief efforts in Belize where Axiory is headquartered. 


Here’s to the next 10 years

As we enter 2021 and the next decade of our story, we can’t wait to share it with you. Starting with a year full of surprises to celebrate you, the trader, whether you’ve been with us for the last 10 years or are planning to be with us for the next 10 years.

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