How to install indicators and EAs on MT4

In order to install indicators and EAs on MT4, you will require only three things. An MT4 account with a brokerage, an internet connection, and the EA or indicator file on your computer. Naturally, you can download these indicators and EAs from the internet or buy them directly on the MQL marketplace.
The first step is to register with a broker that supports MT4. Once you do this, download and install the software on your device and simply log into your account. After this simply close the software and download the indicators and EAs.
Make sure to remember where you installed your MT4 software. If you didn’t, it’s usually in Program Files (x86) on Disk C. This guide on how to install indicators on MT4 would not work if you didn’t know where the MT4 file is, unfortunately.
Once you find the folder, make sure to open it and find another folder named MQL4 inside it. Open that as well and you will see another set of folders. We can stop here.
Find the indicators and EAs that you have downloaded and simply copy them in the corresponding folder. EAs go to “Experts” and indicators go to “Indicators”. That’s it, the indicators and expert advisors have now been installed. Let’s get a bit more detailed in the following paragraphs.

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Install MT4 indicators easy and fast

Let’s bring an example of an indicator being installed with some images. In order to do this we will need exactly three things once again:
So let’s go looking for a new indicator to add to our platform. A good place to do this is the MQL4 marketplace, which is the official website of the MT4 platform.
How to install indicators on MT4

What we need to do here is choose “Free” on the list in the middle of the page, and choose “Indicators” under MetaTrader 4 on the left side. In order to download an indicator, simply click on the one you like and find the “Download” button on the top-left side of the page.

How to install MT4 indicators

In some cases, the MQL4 marketplace will download the indicator straight in your MetaTrader4 folder, but sometimes it is a separate file. Let’s try and explain how the separate file works.
When you download the file it will have an icon like this.
Install MT4 indicators
All you need to do is copy this file and paste it inside the “Indicators” folder of your MT4 folder. Here’s how it looks.

Install indicators and EAs on MT4

In order to use your new indicators, all you need to do is open your MT4 software and find it in the “Navigation” tab.
How to install MT4 indicators

How to install EA on MT4

EA is another tool in MetaTrader 4 and stands for “Expert Advisor”. It’s basically a tool that narrows down your research or trades for you.
The installation of EAs looks exactly the same as indicators. The icon of the file is exactly the same as the indicator, so make sure to remember the names of the EA to not mix it up.
The only difference is that once you download the EA it goes into the “Experts” folder and not the “Indicators” folder. It’s pretty simple.
In order to find these new tools, open your MT4 software and click the “Navigation” button again. The Expert Advisors should be right under the Indicators.

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Apply everything you’ve learnt on a real trading account with up to 1:1000 leverage, negative balance protection and outstanding support.
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EAs and indicators on MT4 - key takeaways

Ways to install EA on MT4 or the indicators are not very hard. In some cases, the marketplace itself does it for you. If you already have an MT4 account, then the browser simply installs it in the correct place, to begin with. But even if it does not, all it takes is just copying the file and pasting it in the corresponding folder.
Another good thing is that installing indicators on MT4 is not mandatory. The software comes with already installed indicators and EAs that are more or less enough for beginners. Plus, before you download or even buy a new indicator or EA, it is usually a good idea to be 100% sure that you need it.

FAQ on installing EAs and indicators on MT4

What indicators can I install?

Generally, you can install every indicator that is available in the MQL marketplace. However, consider the fact that it may not be free. Some “developers” like to place price tags on their indicators depending on how successful it has been for them or for some other traders.

In terms of types, you can always install things like different chart points, indicators that show data about potential gains or slumps, and others as well. There is pretty much no limit as to how many or what indicators you can get. But be aware that some of the best indicators are usually paid, so it’s usually a good idea to be absolutely sure you need it.

Where can I download these indicators from?

A good place to download these indicators is the MQL marketplace. It is an official site of the creators of MT4 actually. Plus, you might not have to bother with ways to install EA on MT4 if you download from here, simply because the website sometimes does it for you.

Also, the MQL marketplace is a trustworthy place for indicators and EAs because the company always checks to make sure that the software works, it’s useful and that it is priced fairly. Furthermore, it may sometimes be possible to get a refund if the tool does not work for you specifically, or if something is wrong with it.

How to install the indicators MT4?

Once you download MetaTrader 4 indicators on your computer, it's very easy to install them on your platform. What you need to do is head over to the download MT4 indicators folder (or whatever folder you put them into), locate the Indicators folder in the MQL4 directory of yiur platform, and drag the indicator MT4 file that you want in that folder. 

After that, you need to restart the platform, which will properly place the indicators in MT4. At your next visit, you will be able to use your newly-installed indicator in your trading positions. 

Which indicators are best for beginners?

It is very hard to determine which EAs and indicators on MT4 would be perfect for beginners. What’s mostly said by beginner MT4 users is that the indicators that the software comes with are more than enough.

Downloading paid indicators can be a bit confusing for a beginner especially if they did not have any contact with the free ones available on MT4.

Are EAs and indicators for MT4 free?

Yes, but not all of them. Some of the best EAs and indicators on MT4 you can find will most likely have a price tag, but other useful tools can be found for free as well. Expert traders usually recommend downloading these indicators from the MQL platform because they’ve been checked and determined to be a useful asset for everybody.

However, there could be an EA or tool that is worth its price, but it is a bit hard to determine, so it’s a good idea to not go around spending too much on the marketplace.

Can I download EAs and Indicators on Mac?

Yes. All of the EAs and Indicators are optimized for Windows, Linux, and Mac, so there’s no need to worry about it.

The only difference here would be the way to install them. Aside from Windows, Macs tend to have a slightly different way of handling folders, so it may become a bit confusing when installing.

Experts usually recommend to download and install EAs on MT4 straight from the MQL marketplace because it does it automatically. Manual installments could be a bit confusing on Mac.

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