What are the best Forex apps for iOS?

One of the conveniences in Forex is that traders can use desktop, as well as smartphone devices for trading foreign currencies. When it comes to smartphones, both iOS and Android devices have lots of trading apps with their own advantages.
While choosing the best iOS Forex trading app depends on a trader and their preferences and is pretty much subjective, we can still select three mobile apps that have their specific advantages. These three apps are: Stocks & Forex Trading Game, Bloomberg, and The Forex Hours.
Stocks & Forex Trading Game, as the name suggests, is an app that allows traders to trade Forex, as well as stocks, virtually, without having to risk their finances. With it, traders can use the same market forces they could use in real trading, create their own techniques and strategies, and test them out.
Bloomberg is a financial app that allows Forex traders to get information about the developments in the Forex market. Not only that, this app also makes it possible to track specific currency pairs, continuously keep them in check, and alert traders about major changes in their price.
The last app on our list is Forex FX - Free Investing Signals & Hours. With it, traders can keep track of the exact time when the Forex markets open in different parts of the world. But that’s not the only feature Forex FX offers; it also gives out alerts when the majority of traders are selling/buying a certain currency pair, which can help the user to make a more conscious decision.

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The best iOS app to trade Forex? - it depends

Best Forex app for iOS

In the current Forex industry, traders can use both desktop and mobile devices to trade their currency pairs. This is an advantage we get from the increased use of smartphones and their improvement over the recent years.
The App Store for iOS devices is full of various trading apps and choosing the best one is a matter of personal preference. Realizing it, we cannot name one Forex trading app that will be universally acclaimed as the best Forex app for iOS.

However, we can still offer three different Forex iPhone apps that are useful in their own ways. So, here are our top 3 picks:

  • Stocks & Forex Trading Game
  • Bloomberg
  • Forex FX - Free Investing Signals & Hours
Let’s take a look at each of these apps, compare their design and functionality, and see how they can be used to maximize your Forex trading outcomes.

The design

Stocks & Forex Trading Game

When opening the Stocks & Forex Trading Game iOS app, the first thing you’re going to see is four individual sections: Learn, Trade, Play, and Brokers. The overall interface looks overly simplistic and modern-looking with its purple-blue background and easily discernible red buttons.
Unfortunately, there aren’t ways of customizing the interface to your needs. For example, when getting to the Trader ID page, a user cannot toggle a dark mode instead of the white background - a feature especially useful during the night.


Next up, Bloomberg financial app. This iOS app also has a modern-looking design and feels quite simplistic - if we take out lots of information provided in each section, of course. But even the abundant information is arranged in an orderly manner and looks decent against the blank background.
Since Bloomberg is a much more popular app than the Trading Game, its interface looks more streamlined and the experience - more polished. What this means is that when going from one section to another or scrolling down the various guides, the animations will be very smooth.

Forex FX - Free Investing Signals & Hours

Finally, Forex FX - one of the top Forex trading apps for iOS for tracking market opening times in different zones. Like Stocks & Forex Trading Game, Forex FX also has a specific design with its light-blue bezels and greyish background.

The app offers four tabs: Hours, Trends, Traders, and Apps. The overall experience and animations are also quite smooth with no perceivable lags in the system. Yet again, just like the previous two apps, there is no way of changing the interface elements in Forex FX.

Specific functionalities of the top iOS Forex apps

Moving on, let’s talk about what these apps are used for in Forex trading. As noted earlier, all three of them have specific use-cases and do not exclude or replace one another in their functionalities.

Gain knowledge/experience with Trading Game

The Stocks & Forex Trading Game iOS app allows traders to use real Forex market forces, indicators, and other elements and execute trades in real-time. The main difference is that these trades are virtual - there are no real deposits or payouts/losses associated with them.
Traders can do that in the Trade section of the app. Here, they can choose lots of different instruments, including Forex pairs, stocks, commodities, and indices. What’s more, they can even participate in trading battles against real opponents and have a productive, as well as a fun time, practicing various trading methods.
Stocks & Forex Trading Game also offers various educational blogs in the Learn section. There’s also the Quiz section where users can test their knowledge in Forex trading. As an addition, we also have a new section called Brokers where the app suggests various regulated Forex brokerages.
All in all, in the best Forex trading iOS app for beginners nomination, Stocks & Forex Trading Game takes the lead on this list.
iOS Forex trading app

Get up-to-date financial news with Bloomberg

Bloomberg is one of the most popular financial news apps in the App Store, as well as the Play Store. Thanks to this popularity, the app has a very streamlined interface that can be compared to the top-rated apps in other sections.
The main application of this app is getting financial news about various markets, be it Forex, stocks, indices, etc. The database is regularly updated to provide the most recent news about market developments.
On top of that, there are other trading-related functionalities in this app. For example, traders can create a watchlist of trading instruments, which makes it easier to track prices and get alerts for the most drastic changes.
So, when it comes to keeping your trading portfolio in track and getting up-to-date information about the market, the Bloomberg Forex trading app iPhone is your first choice.
Top iOS Forex apps

Track the Forex market times with Forex FX

Last, but not least, we have Forex FX - Free Investing Signals & Hours. This app shows exactly when the Forex market opens in different time zones or countries which is, in itself, an important feature to have on your smartphone. But, that’s not the only use-case of Forex FX.
The app also allows traders to see “magic hours” - the time when the prospective payouts, as well as the traded volume, reach the highest peak. Plus, Forex FX also shows the overall market sentiment - whether it is expanding or declining. This happens by alerting traders when the majority of other traders are selling/buying their Forex pairs.
Therefore, if you want to track some additional Forex market signals and are searching for the top Forex apps for iPhone, Forex FX can definitely serve that purpose.
Best iOS app to trade Forex

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Forex trading apps for iOS - Key takeaways

As we have noted several times in this guide, selecting the best iOS app for Forex trading comes down to the personal taste of traders. However, we still tried to outline our favorite apps in terms of their functionality.
In this guide, we reviewed three following apps: Stocks & Forex Trading Game, Bloomberg, and Forex FX - Free Investing Signals. First off, we compared their overall designs and concluded that while there are definitely some differences, all three of them still look quite simplistic and are easy to use.
Then, we moved to their functionalities. Stocks & Forex Trading Game is a virtual trading app that also offers traders various tutorials about the Forex market, as well as some quizzes and some regulated brokerages.
As for Bloomberg, this app is mainly used for getting up-to-date news on financial markets. Yet people also use Bloomberg to keep track of their trading portfolios and prices of individual assets.
The last app on our list is Forex FX. With it, traders can find out the exact market opening times in different time zones and countries. Not only that, they can also get alerts about “magic hours”, as well as when the majority of Forex traders sell/buy their assets.

FAQ on the best iOS trading apps

What is the best Forex trading iOS app for beginners?

As mentioned in the guide above, it is difficult to name the best iOS Forex trading app for the beginners as every trader has their preferences. However, we still found one iPhone FX app that has specific offerings for the newcomers.

Stocks & Forex Trading Game is a virtual trading app that allows traders to gain knowledge about the most important aspects of Forex trading. Apart from that, this app also makes it possible to execute virtual trades and gather more experience. There are also various quizzes that will help you check your knowledge about Forex and help you fill out the flaws in it. 

What is the top Forex iOS app for the financial news?

On the App Store, you can easily find the best Forex app for iPhone, be it Yahoo Finance, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc. In this guide, we focused on Bloomberg as it has many trading-specific functionalities apart from just financial news.

The Bloomberg iPhone trading app allows people to track assets and their prices in their portfolios, get alerts about price changes, and be able to make a more informed decision. The app has a very streamlined and simplistic design and makes the overall navigation experience pretty straightforward.

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