How to install MetaTrader 4 on Mac? - a step by step guide

Installing MetaTrader 4 is a bit different on Apple computers than on Windows devices. Because the software was originally created for Windows users, it takes some additional steps to run MT4 on macOS.
First off, traders need to install software that allows them to run Windows-based programs on the Mac. They can either download Wine itself or other third-party applications, such as PlayOnMac, that is based on Wine.
After installing the Wine software, traders can head over to the website to download MT4 on Mac, whether it’s on their broker’s platform or the official MetaTrader 4 website. The download file will be in the Windows application format (.exe) but since the Wine software is already installed, Mac will have no problems opening the installation file.
The installation process is pretty straightforward from there: by double-clicking the file, an installation window will appear. Traders need to follow these steps: read and agree to the EULA, select the destination folder, and let the system finalize the process.
At the end of the installation, the Wine software will allow the user to create shortcuts on the desktop for the actual MT4 terminal, as well as MetaEditor. Once that is finished, a trader can open up the software and start using it.

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MT4 Mac installation – how is it different from Windows?

As already mentioned in the introduction, the installation process for MT4 on Mac is a bit different from Windows. Before you go through the process of the MetaTrader 4 download for Mac, you need to take some additional steps beforehand.
The reason for it is that the MetaTrader software was originally created for Windows users in 2005. Since the MetaTrader platform was introduced, it has not changed much. And since the two systems have completely different underlying platforms, they cannot run each other’s applications – that is, they cannot do that without the help of additional programs.

So, to install MetaTrader 4 on Mac, users first need to download a program that will enable MT4 to run on macOS. This software is called Wine, and it opens the Mac system for “.exe” and other file extensions. Traders can download either Wine or other third-party programs that are also based on Wine. In our guide, we’ll provide the installation guide for PlayOnMac, which basically does the same thing – open Windows applications on Mac.

Installing PlayOnMac

To download PlayOnMac, the user has to head over to the program’s official website ( and hit the Download PlayOnMac button. After downloading the Mac-compatible DMG package, they need to launch it from the Downloads section of the system.
Then, the first PlayOnMac launch window will appear where they have to press “Next” and allow the system to install all the necessary tools for the software. The first important tool to be installed is XQuarz. The user needs to press “Please download XQuartz for me” if they want the system to automatically do the whole thing. If not, they have to download the tool from the web.

An essential aspect to mention here is that the XQuarz installation process has its own EULA that users have to agree with. Not only that, they’ll be required to enter the name and password of their macOS account.
After XQuartz is installed, the user has to restart the system for the changes to take effect. When the system is back online, they need to open the PlayOnMac setup file once again in the Downloads folder. This time, the setup will offer the installation of Microsoft fonts. The fonts are also necessary for the system to run properly, therefore, it’s not recommended to skip this part.
When the MS fonts are also installed, the PlayOnMac setup will finalize the installation. After that, the user will be ready for the MT4 download on Mac.

Installing the MT4 terminal

Once the PlayOnMac software is installed in the system, the user can download MetaTrader 4 for Mac  “.exe” file and run it on Mac without complications. As for where to download the installation file from, there are two main options: traders can either use their broker’s website – if, of course, it offers MT4 as a trading software – or head over to the official to download the “mt4setup.exe” installation file. It's better to start MetaTrader 4 mac download straight from your broker.

Once the download is finished, the user will find the file in the Downloads folder. By double-clicking on it, the PlayOnMac window will appear. It will offer the same steps for the installation as the Windows system would.
By hitting the “next” button, agreeing to the End-User License Agreement, and selecting the destination folder for the installation, the process will continue automatically. Finally, PlayOnMac will offer the user to create various shortcuts on the desktop. The necessary ones for most traders will be the MT4 terminal itself and MetaEditor.

Once the shortcuts are put on the desktop, the installation will finish and MetaTrader 4 for Mac will be ready to use. 

Why is getting a MetaTrader 4 a good idea for Forex traders?

MT4 download Mac users make might seem too complicated at first glance, but it's not the case. MetaTrader 4 download Mac file needs to be opened by your Apple device since the platform was built for Windows. For many traders, the platform will seem outdated and rightfully so, MT4 and MT5 are and look very old by modern standards. However, the platforms are highly reliable. Maybe it's due to their simple design that keeps their performance unchallenged. The capabilities that the platforms have can explain why MetaTrader platforms are so popular even today. The high popularity brings additional benefits.

Because they are so popular, MetaTrader platforms have the largest marketplace of indicators and trading algorithms. Algorithms help traders automate their trading. MetaTrader robots are called Expert Advisors EAs. In the Meta marketplace, there are EAs for sale as well as for free. In addition to algorithms, traders can download and run various indicators and backtesting tools on their MetaTrader platforms.

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How to install MT4 on Mac? — A summary

In this step-by-step guide on how to download MT4 for Mac and install it on your device, we took all the required steps in order to enable the macOS to run a Windows-based program. MetaTrader 4 is considered to be one of the best platforms in Forex.
Since MT4 is an “.exe”-format application, the Mac device cannot run it without the additional help. That’s why we needed to download a Wine-based program called PlayOnMac that allows users to run Windows apps on Mac.
When installing PlayOnMac, the installation tool will also prompt the users to download XQuartz and MS fonts. After they’re installed, PlayOnMac will also be ready to use.
Then we moved to the actual process of how to download and install MT4 on Mac guide. Once the “mt4setup.exe” is downloaded, the user needs to open it and follow the basic instructions. After that, the trading software will be accessible for a Mac user.

Compatibility with Apple M series chips

Apple’s switch to its own chips, including M1, M2, and beyond, requires fresh perspectives on running Windows-based programs. The emulation process on new Mac devices with M chips is robust, making the process smoother for traders. Users can leverage the Rosetta 2 emulation layer, integrated into macOS, to run applications that are not native to Apple Silicon, including MetaTrader 4. 

While Wine and PlayOnMac have established themselves as reliable choices for running MT4 on Intel-based Macs, traders with Apple Silicon Macs may explore Rosetta 2 as a native emulation solution. This eliminates the need for third-party applications and streamlines the installation process. It is stable and more secure to use native Apple apps than third-party apps, despite them being reliable. 

Traders can now download MT4 for macOS from the official website or broker’s platform and, with Rosetta 2 seamlessly handling the emulation, launch the “.exe” installation file. Rosetta 2 will allow Windows “exe” files to be executed without the need for additional emulation software.

Some brokers offer MT4 “.pkg” files directly that can be downloaded and installed like macOS apps. This makes the process even easier, especially for beginners who want to start learning and using MT4 rather than spending their time on the installation hassle. 

Apple’s newer M chips are very powerful and performance-oriented chips that will allow it to launch any version of MT4 smoothly without lags and issues. 

Benefits of MT4 on Mac

MT4 is an old platform dating back to 2005 but remains one of the most popular go-to platforms for FX trading. Its simplicity, reliability, and richness of features make it a very attractive platform. There are countless technical indicators and Expert Advisors (EAs) available for both manual and automated trading. It is also possible to install indicators on the macOS version of MT4, which is super beneficial for Apple users. EAs are one of the main reasons why MT4 remains this popular these days. 

Overall, installing MetaTrader 4 has evolved from a time-consuming and complex process to a more simplified and straightforward activity. Especially for Apple-designed chips. The compatibility and performance enhancements provided by Apple Silicon and some brokers, coupled with the streamlined installation process, make MT4 a viable choice for traders on macOS. Whether you are using an Intel-based Mac or the latest-generation Apple M series laptop desktops, the steps outlined in this guide are adapted to the current technological landscape and ensure a smooth installation process for MetaTrader 4 and custom indicators.

FAQ on installing MT4 on Mac

Is it difficult to install MT4 for Mac?

The process of installing MT4 on Mac isn’t difficult. However, it is a bit more complex than the installation process of its Windows counterpart. Instead of downloading the installation file and running it right away, the users need to download and install the additional software in the first place.

That software is either Wine itself or a Wine-based third-party program. In our case, we used PlayOnMac software that allows users to open Windows-based applications on their Mac device.

Only when the PlayOnMac software is installed are the users able to run the “mt4setup.exe” installation file. After that, the process is pretty much the same as on Windows: pressing “next”, agreeing to EULA, and choosing the destination folder. The next happens automatically, and the software will be ready to use in just seconds.

How to download MetaTrader 4 on Mac and then install it?

The download part of MT4 for Mac is a pretty simple and straightforward process. The internet is full of MetaTrader 4 Mac .dng files, and you can also find the download file on Axiory's website as well. 

The next part, a bit more tricky than the previous one. The moment you figure out how to download MT4 on Mac and actually download the installation file, you need to have another software already installed on your platform. Within this guide to how to install MetaTrader 4 on Mac, we used a third-party software called PlayOnMac, although you can also use other Wine-based programs with similar effectiveness. 

With PlayOnMac, you can easily run the MetaTrader Mac installation file just like on Windows. Once you have both the installation file and PlayOnMac installed, you can then go ahead and run the setup script and go through all the regular steps. Once done, you'll automatically get your own copy of MetaTrader for Mac and will be able to trade Forex or any other instrument in the market. 

What is the difference between installing MT4 on Mac and Windows?

The main – in fact, the only – difference between installing MT4 on Mac and Windows is the fact that the software was originally developed for Windows devices. That means the installation file comes in the “.exe” format, which, as you know, is an unsupported file format for the macOS.

To run the Windows-supported application on Mac, the users need to download some sort of emulator on their platform. The most popular emulator is called Wine, but there are also third-party pieces of software that are based on Wine, such as PlayOnMac.

So, when the user installs the Wine-based software on Mac, they’ll be able to run the “mt4setup.exe” and install MetaTrader 4 on their platform.

Where can I download the MT4 installation file for Mac?

There are two main ways of downloading MetaTrader 4 on your Mac. The first method is to go to the service provider’s website and download the software from there, that is, of course, if the broker offers MT4 in the first place. 

Another method, and a more universal one, is to head over to the official MT4 website – – and download the installation file from there. The difference between the two versions will probably be in various indicators and tools: the broker’s software will probably have some additional elements, while the stock one will not. All in all, both methods of downloading MT4 on Mac are credible and both work more or less the same way.

Can you use MT4 on Mac?

Yes. However, to do so, you will need to install a third party app that will enable your Mac to open EXE file formats. The process takes a long time and after installing the third party app, MT4 installation is similar to installing the platform on Windows. MetaTrader was released in 2005 and hasn't changed much since. It was built for running on Windows, which is why it requires additional steps to be installed on Mac computers. MT4 might seem outdated for most people, however, the platform is highly reliable, which makes it super relevant in today's world. The MT4 is the most popular FX trading platform among traders. It can be installed on Mac, Windows computers as well as on smartphones.
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