How are my funds protected at Axiory?
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We keep your funds protected based on three main pillars.

Negative Balance Protection

With negative balance protection you never have to worry about your account going negative or losing more money than you initially invested. In the case of a significant price movement that leads to a negative balance, we reset your balance to zero and cover your additional losses.

Segregation of Funds

Our clients’ deposits are strictly segregated from the company’s funds. They are kept completely separate from operational funds to ensure that they are protected at all times.  


Member Of The Financial Commission 

Axiory holds a Category A membership with the Financial Commission, and independent organization specializing in the resolution of disputes. Clients can present their complaints to the Financial Commision at any time.

In the case where a resolution cannot be found, the Financial Commission offers a compensation fund of up to 20,000 USD.



What happens if I make a deposit in a currency other than USD?
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All transactions will be converted to the base currency of your account based on the actual spot exchange rate in our bank for that day.
How can I open a live account with Axiory?
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It is very simple. You can do it by clicking on the following link:

For personal live accounts, we require 2 documents to prove your identity (colored scans), plus a proof of residence document which are no older than 6 months (PDF of your bank statement, print screens are not acceptable).

What is the maximum trade size that you allow in lots?
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The maximum trade size depends on the instrument chosen for trading. Here are the maximum trade volumes per individual instrument:

X: 1000 lots
NIKKEI: 250 lots
HK50: 25 lots
FTSE: 100 lots
STOXX50: 50 lots
CAC: 10 lots
DAX: 40 lots
ASX: 25 lots
DOW: 200 lots
NSDQ: 125 lots
SP: 100 lots
CL: 50 lots
NGAS: 1000 lots

Do you offer guaranteed no slippage?
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Slippage may occur in certain cases. To gain a better understanding of how often this happens, please see the following statistics page where we publish monthly data.
How does negative balance protection work?
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Negative balance protection is one of our risk management features which serves as a precautionary measure preventing our clients from losing more money than they deposited. Should clients’ trades result in negative balance, it is then reset to 0.

How to go about Jumio verification?
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Jumio verification is an added layer of security in accordance with newest regulation directives which uses ID documents to ensure our transactions with clients are genuine.

This verification is part of each registration and takes place at the end of the process.

Step-by-step instructions are presented on how to scan and upload client IDs or passport documents These scanned copies need to be clearly readable.

What deposit methods do you offer?
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Currently, we offer various payment methods:
  • International wire transfer
  • Credit/debit card
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Sticpay
How long does it take for my deposit to arrive?
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Bank wire transfer usually takes about 3 - 10 working days. The card deposit options are usually processed within a couple of hours. See more information here.

What is the minimum deposit?
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The minimum deposit for new clients is 10 USD. 

What options do I have to open an account with Axiory? 
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You have three options when it comes to opening an account with Axiory:

Demo Account

You can open a risk-free Demo Account and trade using 10,000 virtual trading dollars (or equivalent in other currencies). A Demo Account is great for practice and testing strategies however any profits made are virtual and cannot be withdrawn.


Light Live Account

You can open a Light Live Account in less than 10 minutes, submitting no more than your personal ID. This account allows you to trade with up to 1000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies), you can only fund through Credit Card, and you can only withdraw up to the amount that you deposited, regardless of your profits. 


Live Trading Account

You can open a full trading account - or upgrade from your Light Live Account - by submitting all your documents and getting verified. You will get full access to trading with Axiory.

Can I open a Demo Account with Axiory?
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Yes, you can open a risk-free, unlimited demo account with 10,000 virtual trading dollars (or equivalent in other currencies). Open a demo account here.
Does my Demo Account Expire?
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No, Axiory Demo accounts are unlimited. 
Can I customize my Demo Account with Axiory?
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Yes, our demo accounts are as close to a live trading account as possible. You can choose your base currency, account type, platform, and leverage. You also have access to use EAs, tools, and indicators as well as fundamental and technical analyses and the full support of our customer care team.
Can I open multiple demo accounts?
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Yes, you can open multiple demo accounts with Axiory.
Can I keep my Demo Account after opening a Live Account?
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Yes, you can keep your demo account or multiple accounts open while you trade on a live account. This is especially useful to test strategies.
What is a Light Live Account?
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At Axiory you can open a Light Live Trading account which allows you to start trading in a few minutes using only your personal ID. This account allows live trading with up to 1000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies) through Credit Card. When trading a Light Live Account you can only withdraw up to the amount you deposited, regardless of your profits. Open a Light Live Trading account here.
Do I have to submit all my documents to start trading with Axiory?
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No, you can choose the quicker option of opening a Light Live Account using only your personal ID. This version of the Live Account has limitations;  You can only deposit up to 1000 USD (or equivalent in other currencies), you can only fund through Credit Card, and you can only withdraw up to the amount that you deposited, regardless of your profits. 


You can upgrade to a Full Live Trading Account by submitting the rest of your documents and getting them verified.

Open a Live Trading Account here.

Do I keep the same account when I upgrade from a Light Live Trading Account to a Live Trading Account?
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Yes, you keep the same credentials, platform, and trades. The only difference is you will no longer have the same restrictions, this means you will be able to fund your account with a wider variety of methods, you can deposit and withdraw bigger amounts, including your profits.
How can I make a deposit via VLoad?
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To make a deposit with VLoad, you need to register with VLoad first.
Please register on the VLoad website before proceeding with My Axiory. The registration procedure is as follows:
  1. Please go to the official website of VLoad and click on the “Register now” button or use this link to head directly to the registration form.
  2. Before completing the registration form, read the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Fee Table carefully.
  3. Check your inbox and verify your email by clicking on the "Verify my email" button and sign in to the VLoad client zone.
  4. Complete your registration by filling out your personal details and uploading your ID card.
  5. Once your account is approved you can purchase a new voucher. Click on the “BUY” button, select currency and add a specific amount or bundle voucher to the cart. Please note that Axiory has the following limits set for V-Load transactions as follows: min. 100 EUR/100 USD/10 000 JPY and max 5000 EUR/5000 USD/ 500 000 JPY.
  6. Go to the shopping cart and confirm your order by clicking "Go TO PAY”
  7. Choose a payment method and proceed with the transaction.
  8. Once the transaction is marked as “Accepted”, the voucher serial number and PIN will be sent via email to you and displayed in the section ‘My vouchers’.
  9. Go to the ‘My vouchers’ section and select the e-voucher which you want to use for the deposit. Copy the PIN.
  10.  Log in to MyAxiory (our client zone).
  11.  Select “Deposit” on the left side of the screen.
  12.  Select the account you would like to deposit to.
  13.  Select VLoad from the list of payment method and click on “Deposit using VLOAD now”.
  14.  You will be redirected to the payment page. Please submit your e-voucher PIN number and confirm payment by clicking the “PAY” button.
  15.  Once your deposit is approved, you will be returned to MyAxiory. Most of the payments are processed instantly. Please note that 3rd party deposits are forbidden.
  16.  Should you have more questions related to VLoad, please go to their website or contact them directly.
How can I withdraw money via VLoad?
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If you want to withdraw money via VLoad, please log in to MyAxiory first.
  1. Select the account you would like to withdraw money from and click “Withdraw”.
  2. Select “VLoad” from the list of payment methods and enter your registered email address.
  3. Please enter the amount you wish to withdraw and approve the withdrawal.
  4. As soon as we approve the withdrawal, it will be automatically credited to your VLoad account.
What is 2-factor withdrawal authentication and how does it work?
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Like you, we take the safety of your funds seriously. That’s why Axiory offers an extra security feature designed to make sure you are the only one who can get their hands on your money and that’s the 2-Factor Withdrawal Authentication. When turned on, each withdrawal request you make has to be confirmed by clicking a button in a verification mail sent specifically for this purpose. Unless confirmed, the request will not be submitted and your money will remain in your trading account.

How do I activate 2FA for withdrawals?

In MyAxiory, this function is disabled by default. To enable it, navigate to ‘Profile and Settings’, set ‘Withdrawal authentication via e-mail’ to ‘Activated’ and save the change:

That’s it, the function is now active!

How does the withdrawal process work with the authentication on?

Just proceed with your withdrawal request as usual. Once you input the amount you would like to withdraw from your trading account and hit the confirmation button, you will see a window instructing you what to do next.

You should receive an Axiory Withdrawal Request Confirmation e-mail. To complete the submission of your withdrawal request, open the e-mail and if everything checks out, finalize your request by clicking 'Confirm Withdrawal'. Your request will be submitted and processed by us within one business day as usual.

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